Sunday, May 2, 2010


Yeppers. All in all the weekend was good times. Sure, no one clapped and shouted DynOooooooMite, but still, good times.

Some odd times, as there always are, it seems, where I'm involved.

Headed to the hometown to visit Nana. I wanted a chance to visit, but my side reason for the trip was to give Nana a chance to watch Uncle John. Not so much so that he had a place to stay, honestly he travels well and would have been more than welcome at LB2'd's, which was my destination the following day. But I wanted Nana to have a chance to see what it was like to have a dog in the house so that she could experience what a comfort it is, and what a difference having another living thing in the house could be, as well as first hand knowledge of how easy it is and how little hands on care they actually require. I know that roaming around in an empty, quite house after 62 years of being joined at the hip with your husband must be an overwhelmingly difficult adjustment, and I think having something to fuss over a bit might make the adjustment perhaps a bit less painful, ya know? Si...super sneaky BBG.

I also combined a bit of hittin' the (home)town while I was there and made a plan to go to a adult beverage serving place for a bit of fun myself. I met a friend who I've known since the 4th grade and one of his people. (...if you're reading this, and I know you are, you are one of the very few people in my life who I don't have a code name for...Mental note: I will have to work on that!!). Being a school night he had to call it a night fairly early. Or at least too early for my taste that evening. Sadly, a feeling that didn't over take me until I had hopped into my car.

I found myself not quite ready to head back to Nana's. Mainly, because I hoped that Uncle John had curled up on Nana's bed with her and I knew that once I returned that he'd come to my room.

So my car started heading to another establishment just down the street. As I drove, I thought, "WOW!! Look at fuckin' me, going to a bar by myself, alone, not with a plan to meet a friend"-- I'm really wearin' my big girl pants, eh?!?" But I figured, your hometown is probably as good/safe of a place as any to have my first, 'I'm-at-a-bar-alone' experience.

I pulled in to the joint, right next to the location of my first job and found a seat at the near empty bar that was the greatest distance on either side from other patrons. ...See I was tryin' to be good.

Next thing I know a guy who introduced himself as "Big Dave" wandered up. Big Dave was the quintessential smallish town 6'5" redneck/thug. He was really a no harm, no foul kinda bloke, but obviously one who'd really taken to the whole cougar concept. He took the hint when I mentioned that I was old enough to be his mother and when nice older man to my right took me under his wing and assisted in shoo'ing him away.

I had a nice chat, of the non-flirty variety with the 27 year Air Force vet. We all know that I'm a sucker for a guy who served. Turns out he's knows LEM's dad through the local K of C. Some how we start talkin' about parishes and then about the H.S. I went to. He asks if I know someone with the code name SpaceMonkey (completely didn't see that name comin') I tell him I graduated with him. Then he nudges the guy he's with and tells him that I went to school with SpaceMonkey. Guy he's with then grills me to ensure we're talkin' about the same SpaceMonkey. I assure him we are and then he asks me how old I am. I tell him and then he slurs me that this seems hard to believe, as apparently, and in his (granted somewhat drunk) estimation SpaceMonkey looks 55. File under: With friends like that...blah, blah, blah. While there, I also had my first apple pie shot. It was quite tasty. It was served to be outta the blue by lil' odd man who magically appeared from behind the bar bearing unsolicited gifts of alcohol. Thank you hometown hospitality!

A little more filing to do, this time, place under: The more things change...blah, fuckidy, blah.

On my way home I spied one of my hometown's finest. As anyone who spent any time with me in my youth, or even more recently tailgating or traveling knows, one must talk to the po-po. It was as if my steering wheel and hands could simply not resist the magnetic pull drawing me in. The police are our friends. And I have a new one. Chatted with OJ, much I'm sure to his chagrin, for 30 mins until he got a call, about all kinds of stuff and people. At one point while we were sitting in our respective vehicles under the overhang at the pumps of a closed gas station he'd been sitting at a squad went by, lights and sirens and I muttered, "fuckin' firemen", as they rolled by to the deeeeelight my new pal. Even though we'd already established that I was a friendly and in the loop, thaaaaaat's when he knew I was totally legit. So when he asked me where I'd been, I felt free to wiggle my finger out the window at him and told him not to hold it against me and where I'd been. As he pulled out to respond to his call, I told him to keep his six safe. I let him pull onto the street first, and thought, "man, look how nice I am to let him out first". Yep. Like I'm doing him a favor!

In more wholesome news, the next day I headed to Dayton to see LB2'd where I had the best time hanging out with my godkids, who are growing up sooooo fast and are such good, smart and funny kids. I discovered the joys of Jeremiah Weed Cherry Sour Mash. I painted some 10 year old piggys. Stole some zip cuffs from LB2'd's hubby's garage. I felt it was ok. I know he'd want me to be able to cuff someone if I needed to. Two for home. Two for the car. Ya never know, right? Plus, I actually said, "tell (him) I'm stealing these thingies that I need as cuffs". Better to have and not need than to need and not have, I figured. I supplied the kids with pop rocks. There was a slumber party with a 10 year old, a 15 year old and me in the living room, which my 12 year old godson wanted nuthin' to do with. I did feel compelled to forewarn them that if I fell asleep first and woke up to find my bra in the freezer, we were gonna have a problem. And with surprisingly little effort managed to talk LB2'd into pizza for breakfast before I got all East Bound and Down.

After picking up Uncle John and visiting with Nana I made it home and set directly out for D's house to hang for the evening. D's hubby R had headed for the hills, literally, so there we were two girls, a 55" HD tv, 9,816 channels and 300lbs of dogs. We bitched about some shit. Giggled about a whole lotta other shit. We had a pop tasting. Like wine but with soda. A grand time was had there too. As well as more pizza. I can't really say when I've had pizza for a meal twice in one day. I'm not complaining. When she tossed out that she was thinkin' za, I was in from go. I got to see the super creepy toad that has invaded her pond/fountain and her hidden traveling gnome that moves from place to place in the front garden. We laughed so hard my cheeks hurt the next day.

Thank you weekend, you were awesome.



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