Sunday, May 23, 2010

~Dental Care & Antioxidants- A Bad AM Combo

(Yes. All five brushes are mine. I prefer not to use the same brush two brushes in a row. It's not overly kooky. I mean, when I travel I just pack one, but really now, at home shouldn't I have things exxxxxactly as I like 'em?)

It was just like any of the scads of times I've brushed my teeth.

Until I spit.

My foamy frothy came out blue in hue. Catching me completely off guard. I don't use a blue toothpaste. And then my mind flashed to those old commercials for some washy/pasty something or the other with their tag line about "pink in the sink", and thought, "what the fuck does blue mean?!?!", in my still somewhat early morning haze.

In what was far longer than I'd like to admit it took me to remember, it dawned on me that Uncle John had demanded to go out absolutely first thing in the morning (typically he wanders down and hangs on the sofa until I come downstairs) and that I'd stopped in the kitchen and popped several blueberries before coming back up to brush the chompers and kick off the other festivities involved with BBG daily maintenance.

Nuthin' like starting my day off with a confirmed case of dumbassedness.

P.S. Happy Birthday to (code name) Brad Gray and my H.S. Homecoming date!



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