Saturday, May 29, 2010

~Happy Wedding Day. No, Really

As a non married gal, I've always prided myself on my ability to rebuke coupledom bitterness when I've been single. People who I like/love, who find themselves happy romantically, makes me happy. I mean, the next best thing to finding something good and with legs yourself, is someone you care for finding it.

Sure, I'm bitter when it's rainy for too many days in a row, or when I can't have a cherry Coke and must make due with a regular Coke, but I'm not generally bitter over the big picture hand life has dealt me, ya know?

I only have the energy to be about the business of figuring out ways to be happy with myself. I don't have enough to spend being mad about the fact that I haven't found my mate. Certainly not enough extra reserve to be bitter about the fact that others have found theirs.

Honestly, it's as much of a choice as it is just my nature. I choose not to be bitter because that's how I want to live my life. It's been a pretty good rule of thumb. Until now...

Two recent things are starting to tip me over to the bitter side...

A) While looking at a list of people from H.S. congregating online, I see that a girl from high school-- the misfit toy type of girl. The girl with too thick of glasses, who was too book smart, and too many times hit with the unattractive branch, with too pimply of a face, and too chunky, too stringy of hair, with too many shiny braces, ate too many scabs picked and consumed from her head, etc., etc., etc.,-- we're talkin' the perfect storm of high school outcast misery here. If you don't know me you might think I was just bein' catty, but if you know me, you know I just told ya the honest truth. Again, truth be told, I always felt sorry for her, even then I realized it must have been a hard existence. When occasions rolled around, I tried to engage her in conversation and part with a kind word. Anyhoo, I see that she is listed with a new/married name.

II) Today I'm attending the wedding of my dear friend, (code name) Brad Gray. We've known each other maybe a dozen years. He's good people. Really good people. Kinda weird people, but in the most appealing way. I remember before he started seeing his to-be-today wife, he was confirmed George Clooney-ian about marriage. Hell, they had reconnected at their H.S. reunion and I remember talking him into a first date with this girl, as at the time not only was he completely anti marriage, but wasn't even too keen on the prospect of dating.

So in case you breezed through those two points: A misfit toy girl who ate head scabs and a guy who all of his life never even wanted to get married = both hitched up.

And I'm still single?!?

Really, world?


I'll wait until after the reception to decide if I will embrace the bitterness, 'cause, ya know, nuthin's better at helping ya make a life altering decision like an open bar...

In the meantime, I'm wishing my friends a very happy wedding day. They make each other happy and that's all I need to be sold on the deal. I hope the happiest days of their pasts are the saddest days of their future together.

Cheers to 'em!! No, really.



Ghoulia said...

Just want you to know I know how you feel. I do have a boy in my life at the moment but seriously. The proclaimed bachelor I knew is engaged, the perma-child-free couple are pregnant, and almost every ex I decided was not worth my time is now married. Let alone having my high school reunion coming up and seeing how successful, married, settled everyone is. I try to be thankful for what I have but maaaan. Sometimes...

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