Sunday, May 16, 2010

~I Am A Copkid: Yours Are Too

(A lil' BBG sportin' Dads lid. Circa: A looooooooong ass time ago.)

So, we all know about that "uneasy normality" that allows us not to obsess about if you're alive and to live our lives, but that is never far from the surface, and is one of the hallmarks of being a copkid. And of course, there's the pride that you come from people who not only care about others, but put their lives on the line in ass check cashing of those words. (Wait? Is that a thing? 'Tis now.) There's also that solid confidence in the fact that your parent is specially equipped to be able to make everything right, unlike let's say, your friend who's parents are teachers, preachers or office workers. I mean, some kids hear their parents say they would give up life and limb for them, a copkid knows without doubt that their parent would and would also kill for them. I remember knowing as a kid that if someone had harmed me, that I knew my parents would ensure that they had one world class, grade A, bad fuckin' day, ya know?

Being the kid of Officers puts you into a special club. A club that no one else can gain entry to, because it's one you're born into, not one you can work your merit badges for inclusion. Only another Officer's kid knows what we know. A lot of recent readers are Officers, thanks to the kind shout out from Motorcop ( You all share the knowledge and bond of wearin' a badge. Here's a lil' glimpse of what we, your kids know, and share, and how your job rubs off on us:

-I clear intersections as I'm driving. Something I didn't even realize I did until I started noticing that other drivers don't. Nope. They keep their eyes focused straight the fuck ahead and mash the go peddle. No lookin' around to see if some crazy cat is barreling towards the intersection.

-I expect every driver around me to do the most stupid thing possible at any moment. I anticipate the endless and wacky possibilities of hinky shit that could unfold in situations and places I find myself. And I've already considered several options out of the situation. And yes, I know if I'm being tailed. No paranoia, just general awareness of vehicles around me for too long.

-I will fight you if I have to, to not have my back facing the entrance to wherever we find ourselves. I'm uncomfortable not being able to see who's coming and going. This gets a tad dicier if I'm out with my Dad who will also jockey for a non back to the door seat. I yield to him because he's strapped.

-I never tell personal info to those who are not close to me. I am a master at vagueities and small talk with people, without having really shared any real details of me. I picked up pretty early in life that on the street, people having details of your personal life gives them hand, and that can be dangerous. Now am I in a profession that requires such close to the vest-ness? Nope. But it's something so ingrained in me that I'm not even cognizant at the time that I'm doing it.

-I'm also pretty astute at getting info from others without having to ask a pointed question. And in slyly asking questions in different ways, even at different times to see if the answer I'm getting is consistent. People tend to think I'm just forgetful.

-I know what character, loyalty, honor and duty look like. I know their names. I know they're not just words in the dictionary.

-I am always ready to fight to my death for my life or the life of someone I care about. Always. I know, I know, I seem all kindza laid back and chilll. And I really totally am, but I'm always ready for go-time. Always.

-I know if something kooky happens I have to stand my ground here, now and fully. No second crime scene for moi. And that if such a kooky circumstance should happen I have to be smart about my actions in the mists of chaos. Yes. I will make sure trace will be found under my nails, or you'll find that I will have managed to put my hand in Mr. Bad Guy's mouth for some good ol' spit DNA just for good measure. Now, knock wood that this never happens.

-I have been known to do a quick pat down with an innocuous seeming hug, and I've searched for a ankle holster with what you thought was a bout of restless leg syndrome under the table. I once swept a Chicago off duty. It took him a full two or three minutes to be like, "waaaaait. Did you just frisk me?!?"

-I know I can't let someone get the drop on me. Which makes me uber aware of my surroundings and the tells of others. While most of the people I know, never even noted something or someone I've had eyes on. I am reading all situations. When I'm out and about I'm always scanning to see what or who seems outta place or needs to be watched.

-I am a huge people watcher. People are freaks. And I love the freak show of life.

-I rarely find myself standing side by side with someone. I tend to be more face to face, because as you already know, I'm watchin their back and hoping they've got their peepers peeled over my shoulder.

-I have a moderate case of the gallows, morbid, sardonic sense of humor.

-I am comfortable around a 9mm. I'm a Glock girl. Although, I like a Sig too. Unlike most other folks I know, I've been drilled in center mass and dome shots. And "down range" isn't an unfamiliar combination of words to me. It's a knowledge (the only one taught to me, and not just some stuff that seeped in) and vibe my heels and swishy skirts belie.

If you don't think your wee ones are absorbing your this part of your life, think again. You think you take it off with your uniform, but you don't. It's never fully shed. Think of it as LE second hand smoke. A lil' removed, but it sinks into our being a bit too. If they don't already, your small fries will have some of your second hand that they'll carry with them always. I bet you'll someday find their list looks something like mine.

If you're a new BBGW reader, I should warn you, LE is not the main focus of this blog. Fuck. This blog doesn't even have a focus! Feel free to drive by and peep in the open window anytime. You're always welcome. If not, thanks for swingin' in, it was nice havin' ya. Keep your six safe and remember to be the kinda Officer that makes your kid proud. You'll be amazed at what we're pickin' up from what you're throwin' down, even when you don't think we're paying attention.



Texas Ghostrider said...

I only wished I had rookies that did some of this stuff. Too funny and too true!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an interesting read. You have given me different perspective on what life is like for my kids. I like to thik I put certain things away when I take off the uniform. Looks like kids see it anyhow.

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