Monday, May 3, 2010

~An Ode to Fidget

Since the fourth grade...
Since the 4th grade...

You've been my friend
Since the 4th grade.

You know when I got boobs.
We've eased on down the road.
And in the coat room once
You nearly caused a code.

You're funny and smart
And have a good heart.
In Mrs. Sweeney's room you used to fart.
For several years we were apart.

Until I saw you on Fountain Ave.,
Bobbin' and weavin' and walkin' real bad.
A funnier sight I never did see
Seein' you around filled me with glee.

And now we are grown, both makin' our way.
And we still make time to stop and say hey.

Colorful and entertaining?
Those are both true.
Happy I have you around
Without you I'd be blue.

You're one of my faves
Of that I am sure.
A friendship like ours
Is good and it's pure.

Never would I slight you
Not even in a blog.
But if you pissed me off
I might hit you with a log.

You'd probably deserve it
Of that we both know.
But will it ever happen?
Very likely, no.



BigBrownGirl said...

Why the Ode? Because I couldn't let this FB taunting from my friend who I mention in the "Ahhhhhhhhh" posting alone...

(Previously no code name, now known as)FIDGET: Ok 4000 pages of blog and that is all the mention I get?? Two lines....seriously? Am I not the most colorful and entertaining individual u know? ;)
May 3 at 11:43pm via Facebook for Android ·

BBG: Of course you are the most colorful and entertaining cat I know!! I will rectify this... :D
May 4 at 11:39am

Fidget: thanks... i'm back to feeling special again. too bad it's like short bus special...
May 4 at 11:56am ·

BBG: Better?!?!?!?
May 4 at 1:09pm

Fidget: haha! too funny! better ;-)
May 4 at 2:42pm

BBG: :-P Exxxxxxxcellent. I'm glad we're back to bein' good in the hood!

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