Monday, June 20, 2011

~Reminder: I Am Old

My 25th H.S. reunion is comin' up.  For some inexplicable reason, we had a ten and 15 year reunion, but no 20?  I've never planned one so I'm not gonna bad mouth someone for not pulling all of the hours needed to put a reunion together.  First of all, that's gotta be like wrangling cats.  Trying to locate all those folks?  Getting RSVP's back?  Planning the logistics of the soiree?... Ugh.

A quarter of a century milestone sounds like something old people go to, and yet I received an invite... (Do they not know I was carded this weekend?)  It feels at odds with my actual life.  Most days I just barely feel like a grownup, let alone someone who could be attending a 25th anyfuckingthing.  Old enough to do anything I want to...but still young enough to want to do a lot of crazy ass shit.  I don't feel old... I don't feel eighteen, but I sure as shit don't feel what my drivers license tells me. 

I mentioned to one of my classmates (summer school companion and coinkadinkaly, college mate, DJP), that while most people seem to look at the time marking milestone of 25 years as a reminder of their youth, I conversely view it as a reminder that I am old.  

Honestly, I need a reminder to express my grownup'dness.  ...Pretty much always.  In fact, I'll go so far as to admit that every decision I make I've fought off a more childish option.

(That's right.  No matter how poor you think my decision making skills are, surprise:  I ruled out 8 other worse/less mature ways to have approached it!) 

Imagine the possibilities I shot down as being 'too ridiculous', before I honed in on a hot dog for breakfast this morning?  Were there grownup options like cereal, eggs, toast, etc. readily available?  Ummmmmm, yes.  They just weren't appealing options to my inner BBG kid.

I'm not rippin' and runnin' like I was when I was a kid, but I still know how to turn this muther out when necessary, or when at a minimum, 'questionably appropriate'.  While I was thinking about that, it dawned on me how much effort I put into fighting my natural inclinations and into actively attempting to behave as a grown up.  A lot of the trappings of adulthood are second nature to me, but other things?  Well, I only have a tenuous hold on.  Fine.  Sometimes no hold at all... 

I mean, what else could explain my decision to have the hot dog for breakfast this morning?  I feel like one of the glories of being a grownass girl is that if I want a hot dog for breakfast I can fuckin' have a hot dog.  But I know that most of my peers are of the mind set that a grownup just really shouldn't have a hot dog as the most important meal of the day, period.  I stick with; Suck It!

Also, it's probably not a strong endorsement of my adulthood that the other night I was changing purses and as I decided on things needed vs. leave behindable*, my headlight and yo-yo made the 'must have' list.  Yeah.  It's like this and like that ya'll.

Since more frequently than I'm sure most people would sanction, I'm trying to suppress my kidness* , that I have such a strong connection with, it only makes sense that I'd be looking forward to seeing the people I spent every day with between 13 and 17.  Some of the folks I'll see I've known even longer, as we went to Our Lady of Bad Catholic Kids together in elementary and middle school. 

Getting to spend time with people who I have kept up with since H.S. (LEM, GinCat, Fidget, DJP, etc.) and getting to see people I haven't seen at all in the ensuing years is a recipe for fun I can not resist.  I love seeing how people have changed.  I love when one of the shy kids has become gregarious, when a hard knock life kid turns into the done well adult,  or when an ugly duckling has morphed into a swan.  I would love to find out that the guy I had to slug in mass for calling me the n-word has turned into a better human.   

Of course, I'd be a straight up liar if I didn't admit to being prone to a small amount of schadenfreude when it seems someones assy behavior has brought them a craptastic turn of events. ...Maybe that's some of the immature inner kid left in me too.  (Yes, I know, I'm going to hell.  But at least it won't be because I didn't truth.)

Although I haven't used the time to grow old up, a lot of time has passed since the milestone we re-une*.  (*Digression Alert:  I'm sorry, I don' t mean to get all political over here, but God Bless George Bush and Sarah Palin for making it acceptable to make some fuckin' words up.)  

A lot has gone down in the past 25 years:
  • Wham disbanded 
  • Gas was $0.89/gal
  • Hoosiers, Top Gun, Stand By Me and Wildcats were new at the theater
  • I was 'escorted' from the mens room of the theater by a member of the local constabulary for drinking screwdrivers...wait, classy, bottled screwdrivers with several other underage boys and girls while seeing Rocky Horror
  • Microsoft hit the NYSE at $21/share
  • Travelers enjoyed their last in-flight smoke 
  • I flew to visit nearly half of our great country (all smoke free)
  • We said goodbye to Charlotte Rae and hello to Cloris Leachman
  • They gave a girl named Oprah (or 'O-frah', as Nana to this very day calls her) a tv show
  • The Challenger exploded
  • I was in 11 weddings
  • I saw 2 babies born
  • Lindsay Lohan was born
  • At 20 yrs/4mos, Mike Tyson became the youngest heavy weight champ before going on to chomp an ear and get a definitely not crazy distinguished face tattoo
  • I had to deck a friend's husband, a Chicago police officer.  Laid him out in some bushes.  Told him not to get up
  • In less aggressive news, people held hands across America, although I don't remember why
  • The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted it's first class
  • Michael Jackson went from:
(Post Pepsi, circa 1986)



..If all of those things can happen in that span, here's hoping that even if some of us haven't officially turned into grownups that we find the past 25 years have turned a good buncha kids into good gaggle of adultish people and that the intervening years have been kind to all of my classmates.  Reunioning will be fun!  Hooray for being old!!

I shall leave you with our classy motto;  Party Naked

(Dear God,
For the love of you, please don't let old, saggy, lumpy, middle-aged people congregating after 25 years actually do that.  Thank you in advance.



Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you "BBG"!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! :)

And, again I say - I'm glad that our paths have truly crossed this time (I still wonder how many times in the past years they *could* have crossed!!). Here's hoping your inner-child helps to bring out *my* inner-child (or at least tone down the overactive adult!).



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