Wednesday, August 22, 2012

~Things That Sound Naughtier Than They Are

Last week I was chatting with AnonD who entertained me with informed me of a story involving her neighbor.  It seems that in AnonD HQ, which is located in a idyllic suburban neighborhood replete with a bustling (but not unruly) neighborhood pool/rec area half a block away, with neighbors who take pride in keeping a lovely yard and where the Police & Fire Departments roam the tree lined streets handing out Halloween candy on October 31st.   Ta-doin's have broken out.  

My interest was piqued by the following statement and she immediately had my full BBG attention:

BBG:  Blah, blah, fuckity nonsense blah...

AnonD:  ...Well, lemme tell you about some crime in the 'hood.

BBG:  (Click.  Lights a smokey treat I'm already so invested in what's about to be verbally unfolded before me.)

Turns out AnonD's next door neighbor keeps an unmarked work van in the driveway during the night.  The homeowner's boyfriend.  (I really, reeeeeally hate "boyfriend".  That's sumthin' Taylor Swift should have, not some 50some year old broad.  But my preferred vernacular of 'manfriend' has not caught on as I'd hoped... [heavy sigh])    Anyfuckin'hoo, his van has had a screw twisted into one of his tires five times over the past several weeks.  When AnonD woke up that morning she spied him outside with the police making a report. 

As we discussed the 'sitch I mentioned that while I don't wanna sound like I'm blamin' the victim of the vandalism (crime really, I mean having to replace tires at $100 - 200 a pop is a crime when it's comin' outta your wallet.), but I can't see that happenin'.  If it happened more than once I'd be the biggest not sleepin', sittin' in the dark at the window, consuming massive quantities of Mt. Dew to stay awake girl you'd ever see.  I would be the 2012 Big Brown permutation of Gladys Kravitz.  As I said this to AnonD I turned the sentence(s), "I'd have tire screw-er's ass no matter how many sleepless nights it took.  Allowing it to happen 5x?!?  No.  Tire screw-er wouldn't have the opportunity to do it five fuckin' times."

...At which point I heard myself.  And said to AnonD, "'tire screw-er' sounds naughtier than it is."  She agreed and we like teenaged girls both shared a hardy giggle.

Since then I've become seemingly fixated on words/things/people that sound naughtier than they actually are. 

~Batter Blaster (click).  It sounds like something used on the set of Beach Blanket Bukkae III:  Babes of Baton Rouge.  (Huh.  Note to self:  You may have a future concocting names for porn movies.  Explore.)  Maybe even a new school raunchy rap band a la Naughty By Nature?  Yo, yo put your hands in 'da air Baaaaaaaaatttttter Blllllllllllllaaaaaaaasssssstttterrrrr!!  But not what it really is. 

~Shanking balls. Actually, anything golf. Between the 'shaft', the 'hole' and the 'dry box', well, let's just say I have no comprehension of how golf announcers don't disintegrate into 14 year old kid laughter at every swing of the big steel shaft.

~Dutch baby.  Honestly, I don't even know what that is, but I've heard it and every time I have I stifle a laughter.  It sounds like some super intricate sex maneuver;  Last night he Dutch Babied me.  And.  Oh.  My.  Gawd, Becky...

...Welllllllllll.  Look at me.  Not as much of a lazy ass as you think.  Suck it.  I have used the powers of Google to ascertain that a Dutch Baby is a recipe (click if you're curious).

~Ballcock.  Who, with a straight face named that

~Gladiator.  Mostly because when I hear someone say it, it makes me think '(and he was) glad he ate her'.   Which sounds like the punchline of a stupid fun lil' joke or sayin' or sumthin', but I have yet to craft it.  Inspiration, where are you?!? 

~Coxsackie (New York)  I once proposed driving several hundred miles out of our way on a road trip just so I could get my picture taken next to the city sign.  Damn vetoing ex-beau.

~Lougayness.  Actually, Greg Louganis.  I can't help but when I hear/see his name to think it's pretty spectacular to have 'gayness' as part of your name and to actually be gay.  I'm glad it's a fun fluke.  And it's not like we're cosmically named what we'll turn out to be.  I'd hate to be named BBG Bigassness.  But good for Greg.  

(How has there not been a gay porn star named Lou Gayness?!?)

~Balljoint. I know about this one because evidently I broke one on my previous sport ute. I remember concentrating sooooo hard on containing my response to the mechanic calling to inform me to, "reeeeally?", so as not to say anything inappropriate, as I am wont to do.

~Caucus.  I know, it's generally a group with a degree of gravitas, however... caucus?   Seriously?  I'm not supposed 'ta snicker?  Bitch, please.

~Hot Buns (click).  Yeah, yeah, I get it...  Hair.  Buns.  ...But if anything Hot Buns oughta be company that brought back Ryan O'Neal's assless jeans from the Main Event and remixed 'em for the twelves. 

(Ryan O'Neal circa whenever the Main Event was made. 
And now I am compelled to share the kick ass song (click) from the movie. 
Sing it.  You know ya wanna.  You.  Are.  Welcome.)

Well, enough not naughty time wasting.  Go get real naughty with your favorite person!  Or at least back to the stuff you're supposed to be doin' right now. 

A special Birthday shout out to Somp!!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I don't get 'em.

I don't have any.

I actually Googled "hobbies" to see if maybe secretly I had a hobby:

(Some random persons list 'o hobbies)

It isn't that I haven't done some of these tasks.  But I don't know that 'carpentry', even though I once made a kick ass table (click to see) with the sheer self delusional belief that I could, as I'd seen them make tables on HGTV, a trip to Lowes and my novice hands, or 'sewing' a pair of curtains 1x, although they are faaaaabulous curtains, or the fact that I haven't allowed myself to starve to death through 'cooking', constitute BBG hobbies?   

I know people who have them.

But I gotta tell ya, none of them are things I'd want to devote more than a maximum of :60 minutes to, life time cumulatively.

I hate when people ask me if I have a hobby.  (Hello.  My name is BBG and I have H.I.P/hobby inquisition phobia.)  It always makes me feel like a freak that I don't have one.  Like they'll be making some sorta meaningful mental evaluation or stern judgement about me based on that fact.  "...I always thought she was a lil' weird.  Do you know she doesn't even have any hobbies?!?  I've never really felt that way when people ask if I have a husband or children.  I suppose society wants me to feel about those things too, but I don't.  Suck itI mean, at least I have an answer/explanation for those.

Sure I've never been married.  ...But I've never been divorced.  And it's hardly like I've lived some spinster-esque existence.  I've had love several times in my BBG life, relationships that have been interesting, fun and have taught me lots about guys and myself.  My life has been/is full and rich.  If/when the right guy comes along, super, I'm down.  But I've never had to be miserable, for any length of time, with the person who is supposed to be your long haul good stuff person.  On the contrary I know plenty 'o people who wore a big white dress (dressed in a monkey suit), stood up in front of God and family, made a vow and then spent many years of their together time just fuckin' miserable.  Now, really.  Who deserves your head cock of pity more, those folks, or never been hitched up me?

(And for the Official Record, my problem with d-i-v-o-r-c-e?  Nuthin'.  Sometimes, for a plethora of reasons shit doesn't work out.  Your fault.  Their fault.  Marriages not working, I mean, unless it's like, 'and I married this girl and we got divorced 'cause I have to rub cake icing all over my body and have ferrets lick it off before I can orgasm', or 'I used to be a be an actual axe murder'-- then for sure, that's a problem, but for regular run of the mill reasons?  Well, those just happen.  To the best of folks, with the best of intentions, having made the best of decisions at the time.  For the most part, I say good for you(!) for knowing when to say when.  Being miserable and unhappy, creating more opportunities to come to resent each other, living in turmoil, etc., is not healthy/good for ya.  And it certainly isn't anything good or healthy if kids are involved.  So my problem?  Zero.  With that said, I'm not a, "yes!!  Totally, you should get divorced!  It'll be grrrrreat!, kinda girl either.)

As for kiddies?  Yes, I always assumed I would have them and be a mom.  But here I am, and I don't.  I never really felt being a single mom could be the best thing for my kid.  (Again, my problem with single parents?  None.  But let's face it, of all of the people you know I'm the last person who ought to have sole responsibility for anything/one.  I'm barely keepin' this and sweet ol' 15 lb. Uncle John alive.  Of course, this self awareness doesn't keep me for a nanodamnsecond from always being hopeful cognizant that thinking this surely contributes to why I'm probably goin' to hell only a scant few people haveta die before I can get my hands on my Godkidz.)  I love kids.  Kids love going to sleep on my boobs me.  I'm adapting.  (<--  As we all must do, or be bitter with our todays.)  I never have to miss doin' sumthin' I wanna do because somebody has a snotty nose, I never have to be embarrassed at the store because a person weighing 29 lbs. is having a tantrum whilst all of the other patrons give me the; they all think they would be handing it better than me/do sumtin' with your fuckin' kid glance of disdain.  Or, ya know, shell out the $235K (not including college - click) to keep one alive, entertained and fully dressed until adulthood.

(Yes.  I digress.  And...?)

Given my non-anxiety addressment of those kinda questions, it seems odd, even to me, how a lack of a dusty ass every available assortment of Precious Moment figurines, not givin' a shit 'bout bird watching, thinkin' it's good enough that my picture file on the computer is an adequate (inappropriate air quotes here) scrapbook, can totally unnerve my non-hobby havin' self. 

I never have an answer. 

I always feel panic-y about it. 

I, apparently am too stupid to come up with a lie to tell. (IDIOT!!  Big, brown IDIOT!!)

I like to do a lot of things.  And I've done a ton of what many folks would probably say;  '...Now that's some cracked out shit, who does this/has this happen/observes such amazeshit?'  Answer:  Me.   

~An old lady, I mean one foot in the grave old, was shufflin' by me as she left the restaurant with her family lookin' people, and as she passed me she randomly grabbed my head, twisted it up with a surprising amount of ol' lady strength and made an aggressive attempt to kiss me on the lips. 

~I've played pool with Tears for Fears.  (Yeah.  It was kinda kooky and trippy.  I'll tell you about it later.)

(Yes.  Those Tears for Fears.)

~I've commandeered commanded the controls of a big ass, commercial grade paddle boat along the mighty Ohio River, with a full dinner cruise load of humans.  No.  For the Official Record, I do not have a maritime drivers license of any kind.  In fact, it was the very first time I'd ever captained driven a boat.  (<-- Although, he/the Captain, did try, numerous times to insist that I refer it it as a 'ship'. --Seriously?  Once we're breaking, I donno?  26 maritime laws, what the big deal about what I'm callin', it, right?)

~I have roller skates (we're talkin' white to the ankle, lace up, ol' school roller skates.  ...Word.), a yo-yo, a cotton candy machine and a hula hoop.  So between those, DVR, phone, interweb and Uncle John, I have a lot of ridiculous things to keep me occupied within the four walls of BBG HQ. 

Like I say, I know people who have hobbies, but nuthin' comes to mind when I consider any thing or things I'd find pleasure in repeating over and over again.  As I understand it you can't really make sex a habit without running the risk of getting a STD being sent to rehab with Tiger and that David Duchovny.  So that's out as a hobby.  Plus, I guess you really can't answer with that when making small talk with strangers/bidness peeps/etc.  At least you can't and not have them think you're a freak... which IS what I'm tryin' to avoid here.

I didn't even have hobbies as a kid.  Sure I did some shit;  played softball, hated taking took piano lessons, hated taking tennis lessons, hooked rugs.  Was in S.A.D.D.  (HA!! BBG Confession:  I was never in Students Against Drunk Driving!  Of course, that wee fact didn't keep it from being printed for all of posterity in my senior H.S. year book that I was in S.A.D.D.  A) I don't actually believe our school even had a chapter of S.A.D.D. and  2) I was more of a, 'sooooo we'll put our Bartles & James in these Dairy Queen cups and drive around until we see/do/find something interesting' kinda girl.)  But they were all pretty fleeting endeavors.  And nuthin' during the whole adult period of my life gives me any indication that things would be any different today becoming a master rug hooker, taking tap dancing lessons or learning the bagpipes.  (<-- Yes.  All things I've considered picking up as hobbies.)

(The perks and fun of being on Yearbook Committee.)

My hobby is my life. 

It's the only thing that randomly and inexplicably consistently brings me joy and entertainment in large enough quantities that I feel good about devoting my me time to.   I'm not sure admitting such, out loud is acceptable in a lot of people's estimation.  So, while I'm usually a pretty honest person, I think the time for fibbin' is here. 

I'm currently accepting suggestions for what I can/should say the next time I'm interrogated asked about my BBG hobbies.  My only criteria is that it be something that is easily explained or that I might be able to hold a reasonable discussion about while simultaneously being totally ignorant of, and that when I've finished lying about answering the person I'm tellin' leaves thinking, 'how 'bout that' (& perhaps shaking their head in surprise).  --All suggestions will be strongly and fully taken under BBG advisement and consideration.  (GOLD STARS will be awarded on merit, creativity and fanfuckin'tasticness.)

I desperate to stop feeling like a non-hobbied freak!   

Won't you help a BBG out? (random Seinfeld reference shout out...  The first person to name the episode gets a GOLD STAR!)


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

~The Honey Boo Boo-ing Of A Nation

I thought the sound I heard was the sound of my own heart beating in horror as whilst flippin' around I noticed a commercial for an upcoming show. 

Turns out it was the hoof beats of the four horses of the apocalypse. 

Years ago I never would have imagined that the end of days would have been escorted in by The (ahem) Learning Channel.  But heeeeere we are:

Now, I think we allllll know (if you've spent any amount of time in the BBGW, or 5 minutes with me) I'm not some gifted, uber Smarty McSmart-Smart. 

I'm far closer to this guy:

Than this guy:

But when I was a kid the world at large wanted ya to be smart 'n learned, and people strived to be high achieving.  Entertainment conspired to teach ya about how a bill becomes a law (I'm just a bill, yes I'm only a bill and I'm livin' here on Capitol Hill...).  The general population expounded their minds with Carl Sagan as he explained our Cosmos.  Even comedies were thought provoking (a la Archie Bunker, Maude, The Jeffersons, etc.) and frought with valuable and positive life lessons in setting the bar high(er) in examples of how we live our lives.  Many outside forces, including media consorted to highlight the best aspects of human nature (perseverance, achievements, kindnesses, respect, etc.)

There was a level of expectation in terms of good behavior, good judgement and good ol' smarts that was reflected and encouraged in our entertainment.

Those days are gone.  Today more people than I'm comfortable with subscribe to an anti-intellectual mantra.  Today we have a Honey Boo Boo, who from what I could ascertain from the :30 second promo I unfortunately saw and the attached YouTube I looked up, is a cluster fuck of sure to be highly rated dysfunction.   That's what kinda society we've become.  One who rewards and glorifies the lowest common denominator.  Congradufuckin'lations!  

"Idleness is the stupidity of the body, and
stupidity is the idleness of the mind."
                                                                                                             ~Johan G. Seume

Now we celebrate scheming, haphazard decorum, poor life choices and people who if you saw them in the grocery under any other circumstance other than being on TV behaving in such a manner would be considered crazy ass losers who you would probably consider reporting to the authorities. 

Simply put, some of these reality shows are like marshmallows.  Tasty perhaps...but with no redeeming nutritional value, and certainly not what we should be consuming as a regular part of our diet if we want to be healthy.  These show offer up unrealistic expectations, make bad traits seem appealing and/or appropriate, and condone what is fucked up about fucked up people.  It just seems TV, particularly a channel with the word learning in it's title ought to provide a few more veggies and protein, shows that contribute and highlight the best of our society. 

With the some of our countries most popular shows consisting of knocked up teens, vapid housewives of various locations, drunken Jersey-ites, an actual show tauting 'Bad Girls' behavior, and an national unhealthy obsession with a family dynasty of big ass' born of a porn tape and their tawdry ta-doin's, it's no wonder (and I'm sure no coincidence) that:
(That this is an actual thing...  )

Tonight's addition to the fray, with what on the surface appears to be a primer on fine tuning poor parenting skills and a step by step of how to ensure a child;  A) comes to require years of intensive therapy, 2) acquires a drug/drinking habit and/or III) becomes the newest headliner in the champagne room.  Good fucking luck Honey Boo Boo.

So kudos to The "Learning" Channel for not learnin' our society anything valuable with your programming.  I think it's time for a name change.  The Dummy Channel?

(...And yes.  The chunky monkey girl [aka: BBG] who obviously
makes questionable nutritional choices sees the irony. 
Mostly because I'm still smart enough to recognize irony.  Suck it.)


Thursday, August 2, 2012

~My Big Fat Gay Manifesto

The number of things I 'don't get' in life is staggering. The volume of things my lil' simple ol' BBG brain is incapable of comprehending is, admittedly like Pi, never ending...
  • How my local McDonald's could report that they are "out of Coke" as I make my order?  Isn't that like the hospital sayin' they're outta band aids, or the atmosphere reporting it's out of air?
  • Why my weatherman would use the phrase, "a cold front moving in", when the same breath he's also telling me that during this "cold front" movement it's going to be 96 degrees?
  • How I can't seem to talk myself into having the cereal I really (reeeeeally) want at midnight: 15 because the date on the carton ended at 11:59pm?  I'm fairly sure it didn't go bad in 16 minutes.  But my mind refuses to listen to that logic.

The current super stymieing subject at the top of the BBG 'Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? List', is the the level of gay intolerance, and the absolute straight up pride people are exhibiting in their intolerance.

Obviously, the only reasonable response to those who oppose gay marriage, (although I'm loathe to use the term, 'gay marriage', I mean, ain't it just marriage? Gay's don't 'gay pay' their bills, or 'gay put on their shoes', ya know?) that when it comes to deciding who you should marry, by all means do not marry someone of the same sex.

(It ain't magic. Just common sense.)

Of course, being the 'reasonable response' doesn't preclude bigots and hypocrites some people from holding firm on their discriminatory stance on the matter.

Most of the time I try to be cognizant of the feelings and viewpoints of others. Generally, I feel everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Even when I think they're wrong. Probably because even when I think I'm right I always try to keep the door open that I could be wrong. I'm open to receiving new information, looking at issues from different angles and reassessing my viewpoints. It just seems like the prudent thing to do. I mean, throughout all of history people have thought themselves right, with every fiber of their being, only to be proven completely, dead-ass, fucking wrong.

In different eras prevailing wisdom and conventional thinking once dictated that people accepted that the world was flat, smoking was healthy, and that it was purrrrrrfectly civilized and proper to not allow the guy you worked beside to eat at the same lunch counter simply because of the color of his skin.

Throughout history, at times it's been the cultural norm to believe women did not have the brain power to handle heady concepts, like voting. That cocaine was good for practically anything that ailed ya, and that Catholics were out to take over the world with their general abundance of children which now we know is really being carried out by the Duggars.

...All concepts and beliefs that anyone living in those times would have found that many, if not most of their peers also treated as gospel. Underscoring that simply finding comfort in like minded individuals is not synonymous with being right about an issue. 

Looking at those subjects through our 2012 prism, it's easy to recognize that they have proven to be ridiculous and wrong. (New word alert: Ridicuwrong) They are cautionary examples to us today of how allowing oneself to be mired down in beliefs and opinions can create a mindset that causes people to ignore facts. Realities like: It's wrong to use any beliefs or reasoning to prohibit other law abiding citizens from fully benefiting from rights granted to you and me. Regardless of your reasoning or justifications.

(Denying any American rights given to other Americans: Wrong then. Wrong now.)

And these are the facts:

If you are still holding on to negative beliefs, stereotypes and prejudices about gays, you are wrong and it's time to start letting go of your antiquated thinking.

Homosexuality is not some new fangled 21st century invention. Another lil' sumthin'-sumthin' that's been with us since the waaaaay back in the day? Answer:  Bigotry. In my opinion it's one of our worst traits as humans. It's a trait that has allowed people to belittle, demean, enslave and attempt to actually extinguish other humans throughout time because of some perceived or real difference. And in every single instance the people doing the discrimination had a quote good reason unquote. Some mantra to back their stance. Loads of cronies to rub elbows with who felt the same and cheered them on. But guess what? That didn't make any of them right, or righteous. It made them stubborn.  And eventually, laughing stocks skewered by history for their inability to overcome a mindset that others recognized as being ridiculous and unjust far earlier. 

In many (but not enough) ways we've overcome our bigotry and granted civil rights to those who have been oppressed. I, in today's world, as a brown girl can walk into any restaurant and be seated, and cast my vote in any election. And while I haven't traveled the world first hand, I know that if/when I do, it will be in a circle and I won't actually be in danger of falling off of it.  Yet we still allow our fellow citizens to be denied the rights that straights are afforded by simply being born in America.

It's unfathomable that anyone would deny the rights of someone else based solely on who someone has sex with and who they love.


Of course for many, particularly of a religious ilk, this is (say it with me)... an abomination. You know, as spelled out in Leviticus; "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." Being wise and adherent bible scholars, many believe that this is a rule that at all cost must be upheld, lest their eternal souls and the souls of every NASCAR driver and every cute kitten be banished straight to hell where they will endure daily ass fuckings by Lucifer himself. Or sumthin' like that... Of course, every other thing listed in the same passage seems to be discretionary to, um, 100% of people who hold on so tightly to that one sentence.

Leviticus also outlines that the following are abominations:
(Click links below for the actual Bible passages addressing these items)

...I'm sorry, when's the last time you decided your bacon eatin'
hetro friend couldn't marry who s/he loved because they were
an abomination before the Lord?
(cough... Hypocrite!)

With so many folks use religion as their rationale for their anti-gay stance. I think it's important to be on the same page about what we're talkin' about; God-- who "makes no mistakes", who wants his children to experience his greatest gift which is love, who made sex pleasurable so that we'd enjoy it-- God who wants us not to cast the first stone and to be good to one another, to treat others as our brothers and sisters... wants you to be rude, dismissive, disrespectful and hateful towards some of his other children because of who they love?

Really? I can't be the only one who sees the irony there, right? The complete disconnect between the tolerant, inclusive, positive ideal of all religions, and bigotry and intolerance people will chose to embrace in the name of religion?

(Sad and true.)

Other folks cite the 'ick factor' for their case of gay heeby-jeebies. You know those folks, the "I don't see how 'they' could do that" contingent. (Please note: Seeing a same sex couple is not a recruitment ad for you to go homosexual. If you find the thought of a person with the same bits and pieces as you a turnoff, again, Harry Potter and I recommend that you don't date people with the same bits and pieces as you.)

And really now, "do what"? Express their affection and desire for one another? (I don't understand how people can use nipple clips or cock rings, but they do. Seems like a bad and painful plan, but it doesn't ick me out. While I'm not a good candidate to lead the Nipple Clip & Cock Ring Users of America - Ohio Chapter, I certainly won't begrudge and try to take away their right to marry their favorite fellow NC&CR member.) Can't different just be different, and not bad or wrong? Can't people just be allowed to live their lives as long as it's not hurting you howthefuckever they want to?

Personally, I couldn't give a fuck who's doin' what, with who (whom?  --My sincerest apologies to every one of my English teachers) in their bedroom. It impacts my life a grand total of zero. (FYI: I also don't spend any time thinking about what Asians are up to in their bedrooms. Or what the blind are doing once they close the boudoir door although it does seem like the blind should probably avoid obstacles and hazards and leave the door open. It's a non-factor.) The only effort I have to put into thinkin' about bedroom activities are when it involves my bedroom.

I would suggest if you find yourself concerned about what any other two grownups are doing with their sex lives that you find a hobby. Immediately. (For the official record:  Protesting at your local Pride parade or military funeral is not a "hobby".)

Mostly, I don't care what homosexuals are doing behind closed doors because it's none of my damn business. And I don't know about you, but I've got my hands full with shit that is legitimately my 'bidness, where would I find the time and energy to get invested in someone, anyone else's?

The time to acknowledge that gay just is, that it's not good or bad, it's simply something you are, or what you aren't-- is here. The time to get on board is now. ...Or be the last holdout to a notion that is quickly (although not quickly enough) going the way of the do-do bird and dinosaurs.

It seems with all of the Chick Fil A hub bub of late (click for story) many proponents of keeping marriage straight, proudly flocked to gobble up chicken in a show of support of the company's position, although many are framing it as standing up for the CEO's right to free speech and insinuating it's a 1st Amendment issue.  (I suppose that's more palatable than fessin' up that, "I'm eatin' chicken to make sure second class citizens know their place"??)  Which strikes me as odd as no one denies that he has every right to say whatever he wants (except to yell "fire" in a theater).  He has every right to run his company exactly as he see fit.  And to practice his religion exactly as his conscience leads him.
However, much like the Klan has a right to say what it wants, to pervert Christianity as they see fit, it doesn't mean they can do so in a vacuum, without public ramifications.  Amazingly, evolved people, loving people, reasonable people are going to be pissed the fuck off take issue with it.   Likewise, it would seem the 1st Amendment argument gets very flimsy when one considers that municipalities frequently prohibit businesses they feel are not in keeping with the community culture out of their backyards (example:  porn stores), and that no one is denying him/them the ability to practice their religion.  (Wait.  Is business a religion?  Religion a business?)

For all of the passionate feelings and opinions on the matter of gays being allowed to marry, one of the most heartfelt and compelling points was made last night by a friend of mine through her Facebook status update:
"ATTENTION ...this is me getting on my soap box...

I support the 1st amendment and the freedom of religion. I may not agree with certain positions, but that is MY right.

However, Chic Fil A has donated over 2 million to politically based organizations that are fighting to deny me and my family and thousands like us, our basic rights. Live your life and do as you will, let me live mine in peace.
I am the person, that should I die, my kids who are not biologically mine will not stand to receive my SS benefits. They will have to pay additional inheritance taxes. I pay more in taxes then my hetero counterparts. I have even been told that I need my wife's written permission to bring OUR kids to the doctor, regardless if they were on my insurance. I can not apply for a mortgage on the house as a spouse, nor apply for any leases or loans without some additional fees because our marriage is not recognized.

To my friends who proudly boasted their Chic-Fil-A pictures today, please know this. Your money did not go to free speech or religious went into the funding of organizations that will fight to the death to ensure I can never give my children the stability that so many of you take for granted."


Imagine being living in a land where the pursuit of happiness and justice for all is guaranteed to everyone. Well, everyone who isn't gay.  ...Oh, wait.  Unfortunately, there's no need to imagine.  There's only a need to get past it:

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