Tuesday, November 27, 2012

~The F's: Family, Friends, Food & Frivolity

The past several days have presented a perfect storm 'o goodness.  It started Wednesday with my drive over the river and through the woods (aka: to grandmothers house we go - [the song] for you youngin's) and only one other driver pissed me off.  Which would be a stellar day by any measure, but on Thanksgiving Eve with all of the dumbasses extra traffic?  That's a fuckin' holiday miracle. 

GinCat, moi & JH - 8th Grade
After getting settled at Nana's I headed out to a hometown H2O-ing hole where I ran into my only ex who I'm actually still friends with (I choose to operate under the belief that the rest of them may be dead) which says a lot about (code name) Jake'sDad.  (It was 20 years ago we spied each other in another hometown local dive.  I remember thinkin' that guy over there in the red Lands End jacket is cute.  ...And that I didn't even live there so there was no point in flirting with him.  A few months later here in Columbus, I spied that red Lands End jacket again.  Turns out he'd been home for Thanksgiving too and lived around the corner from me.  This time I flirted.)   I also got to hang with BC, one of my favorite we-just-get-each-other people who I've known since we were 13ish, TR, (who if memory serves, went to nursery school with me) his he really married up lovely wife L, and little sister, T (who because we are similarly hued, I've been mistaken for in my hometown all of my damn life).   The night also brought me a surprise visit with JS (ponytail pic) and JH, who I've known since the 4th grade.  Which is prompting my own lil' Operation Mind Blowing...

Yes.  I thought this story needed a chart...
As fate has once again used it's mysterious ways to entertain me, it turns out JH works for the same company that the target Vic Mackey does.  (Vic Mackey [code name] is the uncle of my Godkidz/brother-in-law of one of my besties, LB2'd)  Vic Mackey also goes by BBG code name: H2B#2.  A million years ago when LB2'd and I met, her Dad decided that if his wife (LB2'd's Mom) died, he'd marry me.  He became husband to be #1 (H2B#1).  Several years later LB2'd's sister (code name: Mrs. Mackey [yes, her hubby looks like The Shield's Vic Mackey]) hubby declared that if Mrs. Mackey kicks the bucket and assuming I'm not already hitched to his father-in-law that I would be his new wife.  Giving him H2B#2status.   Now, JH and Vic Mackey have worked together for years.  Obviously, I've known them both for years and years.  And this week I'm about to make the small ass world go boom.  I have dispatched JH to hunt Vic Mackey down this week at work and tell him that he's known his wife-to-be since grammar school.  Oh how I'd love to be a fly on the wall when this moment goes down.  (And yes, LB2'd's hubby has also claimed me as his next wife should LB2 die an untimely death, making him H2B#3.  ...I'm not sure if it's comforting or creepy that if I don't find a husband of my own that all I have to do is wait for one of my besties [her sister or mother] to take a dirt nap...)

Thanksgiving morning I was pryed from the grips of the Sandman by the sounds and scents of Nana in the kitchen (this was Nana's 65th year making Thanksgiving!).  I'm not much of an early bird, left to my own devices, but a scent-y combination of everything that is good and holiday holy?  Hellz yeah I was up and at 'em. 

- Nana Thanksgiving Menu -
Handcrafted Rolls
Fresh Green Beans
Buttery Mashed Potatoes
Homemade Gravy
Some Kinda Sweet Potato Sumthin' Or The Other
2 Different Cranberry goos
From Scratch, Ol' School, Real-Deal Mac and Cheese
Sage-y, Succulent, Nana Toasted Bread Earlier In The Week Stuffing
The BEST Pie Chocolate Pie In The History Of The World
I Hear It's Pumpkin Praline Pie

(any guesses on what a BBG doesn't eat?)

I enjoyed, and was thankful for another special day spent with family.  Of course I ate entirely too the fuck much, but isn't that what you're supposed to do?  I feel like on Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving you should go back for seconds.  Which is exactly why I make such a small first plate well, that and that I don't like my food to touch.  Second I'm so full I may hurl stuffing is always the best stuffing of the year.

Friday brought my friend Potatohead into town for the 109th OSU/michigan match up being played at the 'Shoe.  Potatohead is somewhat of a pied piper bringing several old friends/co-workers together for some booze-y shenanigans.  The visit included; Kot, one of my birthday buddies (when we worked together there were four of us who had a birthday over 5 sequential days-- yes, that was a pretty tipsy week too) who ended up marrying my friend since childhood, GinCat (pic above), LRac and Uncle Buck.  (Side note:  Uncle Buck is the only code name I'm unhappy with.  Uncle Buck used to be fat and put you in the mind of the then alive John Candy.  Uncle Buck is now thin and in no way makes me think of John Candy, but I have yet to concoct a new code name.)  Oh, and the 2002 Buckeye National Championship team:

Randomly our first spot was the site of a shindig honoring the team, a fitting way to start michigan weekend.  While O - H-ing with some BCS champs helped set the tone for The Rivalry, so did sticking my tongue out at three big blue and maize'd up guys... and then giggling at them.  In my defense I did say, "you know I can't help myself" to them when I did it.

Later we found ourselves migrating to LRac's bar downtown.  Know what's good about a friend who owns a bar?  Everyfuckingthing.  Super sneaky easy parking.  Reserved and waiting seating at a prime table.  Waitstaff that is johnny on the spot and access to a private bathroom.  All was on the up and up, photos were taken, laughs were had, beer consumed and then I broke for a smoke.  Outside I met two members of a bachelor party also taking a smoke break.  We ended up chatting for a moment, one was from Dayton prompting me to tell him how weird I think Dayton is, and the other one lived in BBGville.  They seemed like boys, but anyone under 35 seems like a fetus to me so I may not be the best judge.  The next time we crossed paths I was with LRac and magically two beers were delivered by my new friend.  This filled me with glee for a couple of reasons:  A) It's always nice to be reminded that you've still got it and 2) That I was good for 'bidness by making money for LRac and her hubby's bar.  Win/win.   Later the beer wizard tried to entice me to follow bread crumbs back to his hotel, but being of decent enough self esteem and not looking to possibly be Chris Hanson'd in the company of a youngin' end up as a reenactment on America's Most Wanted on some very special we haven't seen her since episode, I declined with a small peck on the cheek. 

Saturday marked 15 years since I received a middle of the night call telling me LB2'd's water had broken.  It's mind boggling to think that tiny lil' baby I held within minutes of drawing his first breath is 15.  Daaaaaaamn I'm gettin' old.  I chatted with the birthday boy, Godkid J, and gave him his first driving lesson (the importance of left, right, left with his project being getting in the habit of doing it at intersections when others are driving and to report in the first time he picks up someone doin' sumthin' hinky). 

It was a banner day 'round these parts for other reasons too, mainly The Ohio State Buckeyes putting together a perfect season (12-0) under a first year coach, Urban Meyer and beating michigan:

(Stolen from Blond Maria)

A few days in November. 

I only missed one F. 

...I'll get to workin' on that.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

~Election Day: It's Here! It's Here!!

I love Election Day!  This year I love it more than I believe I ever have. 

As a swing state voter (Ohio) I've not only had a front row seat to democracy, it's been as if a roadie winked and bestowed a backstage pass to the VIP room.  We've been courted by President Obama and his challenger Mitt Romney no fewer than 85 times during this campaign season including several times they were within dead cat swinging distance of BBG HQ.  I have been deluged with political ads since before Primaries in March.  For those of you not living in Buckeyeland, imagine not one single commercial break without a "and I approve this" for nine months straight.  Think.  About.  That.  And then consider the self control necessary to not go on some sort of justified highly illegal bloody spree.  (Gold Star: moi)

It hasn't just been the non-stop motorcades, TV and radio commercials.  Noooo.  As a swing state voter I've also been the recipient of 692,741 telephone calls.  Prompting me to take evasive actions in my own fucking home:
(Facebook update)
I've had 7 robo phone calls this morning. (Please notice it's before Noon 'O Clock... on a WEEKEND!) The most recent one from Jungle Jack Hanna about (blah, blah, fuckity, blah)...  For those of you who know my 'no weekend calls before noon, unless someone is dead/dying or an opportunity for cotton candy is involved' rule, I am, as you can imagine, gettin' grumpier by the minute. If you have trouble reaching me, it will be because I've unplugged the home phone.  (yes. I am one of the last 7 people with a home phone.) This would be the time when most folks would say, 'I'm on the cell', but I think we all know the cell is in another room (in my car, in some pocket in the closet, in the fridge [um, yeah, that has happened])  ...So basically, over the next several days don't let anything bad or really super good happen until Wednesday, deal?
Yesterday I cleared 11 unwanted political messages from my voicemail.  Fun, huh?  So when I say I'm glad to day is here.  I fucking mean it.  Normally, I get all caught up and warm and gushy about the fact that brave men and women have shed blood so that I can get up on a Tuesday each November to cast a vote to have my say about how we manage our nation (state, city).  I think about the people around the globe who, would this very day give their lives to ensure their neighbor or daughter had the same right tomorrow.  Not to be overly dramatic (HA!  Who am I kidding?) but Election Day usually finds me waking up to a feeling of awe and gratitude that I have the honor of making good on the sacrifices of Americans before me. 
Today I just woke up feeling like kicking some ass.  Like a girl who's been listening to some asshole bad mouthin' her mama long enough ...and now it's go time.  I was feisty from the moment my eyes flapped open.  Whilst brushing my teeth I found the thought, 'don't kick anyone in the balls' bouncing around my mind.  By gargling time I realized that my subconscious was trying to give me a warning, and because I don't wanna be some chicks bitch think I'd do well in jail, it behooved me to pay attention.  So today I'm going to kick some ass the only way that allow me to still have the freedom to decide what I'm going to have for dinner and watch on tv tonight, with a simple push of a button.
I hope all of you will be doing the same.  I know that some of you will be pushing a button for a different guy.  I don't have any fucking idea why believe today is about is about exercising your right to do so.  I'm not telling you who to vote for, but I am telling you to show the fuck up.
We're Americans.  We decide our future.  Decide wisely.

BBG Election Day Tips:

~ Do write down your voting intentions.
~ Don't be the dumbass stumblin' and bumblin' around reading every initiative or race, know who/what you're voting for before you get to the screen.
~ Always buy sumthin' at the bake sale.
~ Never eat anything some random stranger, who's kitchen, hygiene and judgement you know nothin' about has made.
~ Be proud of your participation in the process no matter how the election breaks. It's an opportunity many would die for. And many have. 


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