Tuesday, September 11, 2012

~9/11: You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry

So today is 9/11.

It's a day that even eleven years later still brings up tons of emotions and memories for people, Americans in particular.   

Today, like that fateful day, the air was crisp with a hint of the impending autumnal arrival, the sky was a brilliant blue and Mr. Sunshine was bright and warm.  Upon initial inspection it looked like the kind of day that was ripe for something awesome to happen.

My day started off on a good enough note.  I woke up once again happy to find myself alive (Score!), ready to get to the 'bidness of managing me & Uncle John BBG Inc., anticipating that today jusssssst might be the day that they finally announce each American will now receive 10lbs. of cotton candy per year as part of their tax refund.  Or that they've worked out the quirks of Jetsonmobiles and the first ones will roll off the line in 4 years, or sumthin' equally as fanfuckingtastic.  (Um.  Middle of story question.  Exactly how bad is it that it's taken this long for something real, like, curing cancer, to pop in my mind as an example of fantastic things that could/should occur?  No.  Seriously.  That probably isn't a good sign.)

In no way was I extra cranky, or on the brink of striking out.  It was a standard issue BBG day.

But later in the afternoon I just had to have some smokes (bad, filthy, nasty habit everyone should avoid.  Hypocrite says what.  What? [Busted and accepted.]).  Whilst standing in line I surveyed the ta-doin's outside and the comings and goings of other customers.  (<- Exhibit A in the case of You Can't Be Raised By Police Officers vs. And Not Absorb Some Of Their Traits.)  I wasn't really even listening to the two guys making what seemed to be the small talk of two folks who met in line, until I heard one of 'em say, blah, blah, blah, "those people did to us on 9/11."

(Digressing Alert!! 
Look.  Just a lil' hint from me to you, "those people"?  Hardly anything good ever comes from "those people".  Did that sound crazy?  Start paying attention to the context of "those people" when it's used, more often than not you'll start to see that it's less of a, but that's what was needed to describe the ta-doin's and more of a, that was said to underscore that whoever those people (Jewish people, brown people, tin foil hat wearin' people, lawyers, reality celebrities, gays, comicon attendees, michigan fans, etc., etc.,) are in the scenario are different from them.  And I mean different with an asterisk, as in different = bad/wrong/less than.  Not always, but think about it, watch for it to happen and report in with your findings.  If I'm wrong, I'll own it.)

When I first realized what I was hearing I looked towards the two guys talking to find they were looking at me.  Because contrary to popular belief, I actually try to not be a bitch, I silently reminded myself that you can't hit everyone in the head who deserves to be hit in the head with a brick, with a brick.  While I got busy patting myself on the back for being so magnanimous and benevolent ...Nooooo, but you ARE so evolved, BBG! I heard one of them say, "Muslims ought to go back to their land" (<-- although I highly suspect he said there or they're land ...just based on the fact that I think you have to be pretty stupid to be a bigot.  If you can't discern the difference between your hatred and prejudice for some vs. all, can I expect you to be an astute linguist??) and stood stunned to discover once again I was being gawked at by these guys. 

By that point my inner Sir Edmund Burke-y child came out to play and before I realized I my mouth was moving, "is your look to mean 'those people' like me?" had tumbled audibly into the air.  (P.S.  My inner Sir Edmund Burke-y child is kinda a asshole.)  This was also the point when two other things happened:  1)  The cashier and the other lady in line started to look reeeeeeeeal uncomfortable.  And B) They started hemmin', hawin' and a stammerin'.  Well, one of them.  The other never spoke another word.  Mr. I'm Stickin' To My Bigoted Guns, eventually went on to make a "your kind bein' the terrorist" remark... 

That, my friends is when I went from David Bannister to the Hulk.  I knew it was happening because I was shakin' mad.  Full on 'you won't like me when I'm angry', pissssed right the fuck off.

As best I can recall from my green anger haze, I told him he was a sorry excuse for a bigot because he wasn't even good at-- that I was "a born in BBGburg (45 minutes from here), parents were Police Officers, Catholic, Lee Greenwood lovin', Ford drivin', Dew drinkin' kinda girl, so not even one of the actual people you hate, good job" which was followed with a "and that that's a lotta energy to use on being wrong on literally every conceivable level."  We parted ways with me telling him , "your bigotry says more about YOU than being Muslim, or brown says about 'those people'.  It surely tells me you're a dick, congratulations your parents must be proud."  

People always think their brand or flavor of intolerance is warranted, or righteous.  There's always a 'good reason' for it.  I'm sorry but there's only one intolerance I can tolerate and that is intolerance of intolerance.

As I said in a Facebook post about it; That's how easy and indiscriminately hatred and bigotry are bandied about by some and pointed at others, and how subscribing to such thinking obscures and taints the reality of our world.  We should never forget the horrors that happened that day.  But we should also never forget that every Muslim (or vaguely ethnic lookin' person) isn't a terrorist.  Just a lil' lesson on how not to get yelled at by some random chick in line stereotyping and making assumptions about people brought to you by the letters: B B G

So.  Today I made a scene.  A loud, straight up callin' someone a dick, scene.  Not exactly what I thought my day of remembrance would be about when I woke up.  I'm not sayin' I'm proud about it.  But I am sayin' in a few minutes when I go stretch out and watch some Adult Swim, I'm not going to have to think I saw evil in the world today and I did nothing.  Which now that I think about it, might be the best way to commemorate the day.  Sleep in peace my peeps.

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