Monday, November 25, 2013

~A Small Ripple Can Make A Big Wave. I Wacthed It Happen.

A million years ago I came up with a movie idea, 'cause ya know, why wouldn't some chunky chick in middle America with no ties to the film industry, or the skill set to write a screenplay not be comin' up with movie ideas in her spare time?

The esteemed Grady Wilson from Sandford & Son
My idea was to was to bring back the faded glory of Grady's favorite drink of choice name it 'Ripple' and have it chronicle in whimsical and tragic ways how our most innocuous decisions ripple out and create ramifications and rewards we could never fully imagine or anticipate in the moments we make them.  (aka:  BBG lives too fucking much in her head)

Without a doubt it would have been a Oscar winning success ushering in the new era of com-dramaties.  Alas, before I could fulfill this destiny I saw sumthin' shiny, heard someone say the word tiara or started flirtin' with some cute boy...  But I digress.  Surfuckingprise.

I was reminded of the impact of the unwritten ripple-ing this weekend when a friend (who doesn't have a BBG Official code name, but for the purpose of story time will be called 'The Beagle') Facebook-y alerted me to the existence of National Adoption Day.  It was a brief post on The Beagle's page, an acknowledgement to his parents who had adopted him as a baby.  Yep.  A small cyber ripple put out into the universe.

Normally this would seem like the kind of thing a girl like me, who wasn't adopted and hasn't adopted would gloss over.  I've been called a lot of things, but normal isn't frequently one of 'em.  But with all of the shitty stuff in the world I like to take make the opportunity to acknowledge and participate in all kinds of good that on the surface doesn't seem to have squat to do with me.  

What The Beagle had no way of knowing when he made that post is that I have a cousin who was adopted.  

(Weird BBG family news side note;  I look very much like my mother.  There's hardly a time when Mom and I are together that some stranger doesn't comment on the fact that there's no denying that we are mother/daughter or inquires if we are siblings [which is a far sweeter deal for her than it is me].  My adopted cousin looks more like my Mom than I do.  In fact, if my cousin didn't know her birth parents, and I wasn't older than her [meaning I would have remembered my mom gettin' chunky for nine months], I would drag them off to Maury for a DNA test so fast their heads would spin.)

He doesn't know how often I think good thoughts for my friends who went though literal hell to be parents, including losing an infant child to cancer, prolonged patches of infertility and multiple miscarriages, who after a decade + were recently blessed with not one, but 2 babies they adopted in the course of 6 months. 

The Beagle didn't know that making me aware that National Adoption Day was an actual thing would cause me to stop and whip this up meme and post it on the BBGW page:

What I didn't know was that anyone would see it would be responsible for helping to generate good in the universe. 

I assumed per usual, nine people would see the post and 2 would like it/comment on it and that would be fuckin' that.  However, 24 hours later discovered that it has actually been seen by more than 145,000+ people and more significantly that it's been shared closing in on 2k times.  ...Which in and of itself isn't the good.  The real good, the demonstrative good it created were the sentiments it elicited from the share-ers.  Adoptive parents telling their children how much they loved them and what blessings they are to their families.  Adopted children thanking their parents and sending love.  People in the process of adopting expressing the hope that soon they could make/add to their family.  A few birth parents who wrote in such loving tones of the decision they made to provide a different life than they could provide to their children.   It was, even by a non-mushy girls standards, a beautiful and touching thing to witness. 

I doubt that even now The Beagle has any inkling of the scope of the wave of gratitude and love he created in the world from the personal pebble he dropped yesterday.   But it's a valuable lesson to the rest of us to be mindful that our words and actions, even innocuous and seemingly unnoticed ones have ramifications.  That even when unbeknownst to us, our daily ripples are more powerful than they on initial inspection may appear.   

If having thousands of people sharing a lil' love can be the result of one single and small action and :30 seconds of effort from two folks, imagine the power you have to impact something or someone with your next decision or act.  It might make more of an impact than you know.  Choose wisely.

...Now excuse me, I have a manuscript to write.
(No, you're right that's never gonna happen.  But I am going to Google to see if Grady's Ripple is something I can get my hands on.  And keep my eyes open for opportunities to help create some ripples of good out there.  Hope you will too.  The world could use more good waves.)



former employee said...

love this!!

jamiessmiles said...

Awesome. It is incredible how much we can contribute to others by simply showing our love for one another. Love it.

BigBrownGirl said...

@Former Employee~ Thanks for swinging by!

@Jamie~ Your comment is better (& more succinct) than my post. Thank you. Gold star!


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