Friday, November 21, 2014

~ Cat Wine

Cat wine.  Two words I never assumed would ever be combined. 

But here we are.

I'm guessing this is wine made for people as it was tucked away with the rest of the people hooch, and not in the pet aisle.  Plus, cats are historically pretty fuckin' bad with wine openers...  After that I'm not real sure what's happening.  And now I am curious as to Rog, Dee 'n Dwayne's where abouts. (What's Happening!! shout out)  PETA probably wouldn't stand for cat cold presses and feline fermentation?  Therefore, I suppose actual wine made of cats is out. 

Leaving me to ponder, well, frankly, more than what I want to have to ponder about a product I'm never going to purchase who the target audience is for cat wine?  What that meeting was like?  "...So in conclusion, as you can see the cross over segment between cat ladies and chardonnay is a lucrative market worth courting."  What were the other kitty bottle options?  Were there creepier cat bottle concepts, or was this the creepiest?  Will there be a Hello Kitty crossover event/commemorative bottle?   What is the proper food paring?  Tuna?

So.  Many.  Questions.

I feel like I could use a lil' glug-glug, meow, glug.

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Jen said...

I fully embrace that I am a crazy cat lady.
Someone got this for me for my 40th bday.
The fake ass smile plastered to my face as I thanked them and told them how cute it was HURT.
Just no. It's not cute. And it's definitely not delicious.

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