Wednesday, October 26, 2016

~ Drumroll, Please

It's been a shitty year (+). 

Fact:  The biggest and best thing that I've done (/has happened to me/I've been involved in) in that amount of time was my high school reunion in August. 

I was out at night like a damn grown up.  I was outside (if you've been keeping track of my neighbor, Kooky McBean & the Pussycats situation, then you know 'outside' has been made impossible to be at BBG HQ), takin' in the night air and appreciating the stars.  There was alcohol.  Ol' friends.  It was the absolute highlight of the year-ish that my dog died, and that I was diagnosed with Lupus.  ...To add a bit of context  even that night involved me only being able to consume a grand total of two beers (because taking nine hundred and thirty two pills a day doesn't lend itself to bein' booze compatible).  My knee, for reasons only known to the devil and my immune system mysteriously, and super fucking conveniently, decided to swell and get hot to the touch during the evening rendering me unable to walk without lookin' wonky.  And the drunkard (which I do not use as a pejorative) classmate who we were like fucking livin' angels driving home got a flat tire capping off the evening by sitting on the side of a country road waiting for a tow truck.  Now, no offense to my high school reunion, but you know when that's been the pinnacle of more than a 365 stretch?  "It's been a shitty year", is the most delusional optimistic possible framing of the situation.

Needless to say I'm super stoked to have good news happening, and to be able to share. 

Several weeks ago my new best friend was born.

As I suppose there must always be a l'il yin to every yang, he's not cute at all.

Not.  At.  All.

He will arrive at BBG HQ this weekend.



LB2'd said...

Those eyes, that face, says "I'm ready to rock, I'm ready to roll. Whose down?" And little does he know :) Overjoyed for both of you!!

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