Wednesday, December 19, 2012

~The Lies Of Sandy Hook

Days like these disturb me.  Although, not for the reason you might think.   Yes, I find watching the news start to report on the twenty 6 and 7 year olds being buried, well before their time and under unimaginably violent circumstances beyond troubling and sad.  But what really disturbs me is the number of my fellow Americans who aren't disturbed enough to do even the smallest thing(s) to prevent the next round of funerals for innocent citizens.

Over the past few days people keep telling me how shocked they are over Friday's Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, which keeps striking me as disingenuous.
The horrific events at Sandy Hook are not shocking.  'Shocking' denotes an element of surprise.  Something that rises to the level of being out of the ordinary.  And there is, sadly, nothing about this, or the Portland, Oregon mall shooting earlier this week, or the Aurora theater shooting, or the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting this summer, the Las Vegas casino shooting Friday evening, or the Alabama hospital shooting Saturday, that is surprising. 
Being shocked at Sandy Hook is like the gateway lie to the harsher lies we tell ourselves that contribute to allowing such traumatic and senseless situations to continue to unfold.

Big Girl/Boy Underoo Time:  Resist the urge to feel indignant and defensive.  Fight the desire to click to some other page that supports your exact view.  It's time to decide if you'll continue to be shocked the next time every news outlet swoops down on some before then unknown part of our nation interviewing the latest batch of teary eyed, grieving families and co-workers and the obligatory, 'they seemed normal' or 'they would have been my first guess on the who snapped list' Gladys Kravitzesque neighbor.  Or if you're ready to be part of a solution.   

One of the signs of greatness is the ability to evolve.  

Probably because in true Darwinian fashion, only those that evolve and adapt to the condition and reality of their existence prove to be successful in their survival.  It applies to everything.  It's as true for animals and plants as it is for viruses.   The same can be said for things as divergent as phones, social media and nations.  Assuming there isn't some massive super secret contingent of, size of a brick, ol' school 80's cell phone devotees/Myspace usin'/drowning people to prove their non-witch-yness movement happenin' that I'm unaware of...  The same thing is true for people and attitudes.  I'm not sayin' growth and evolution is a comfortable or easy endeavour.  In fact, I'll say it's hard.  Always.  And in any context.  I'm sure it's not particularly comfortable for a problem drinker to acknowledge that things aren't working under the glug-glug plan, and that no matter how much they feel like they should be able to continue with what's comfy (drinking) it's not resulting in creating the life they ultimately desire.  I'm also sure that even having that epiphany doesn't make the effort to change a lifetime of thinking and behaviors easy, even though they know it's for the best.  Yes.  This is a 'am I a drunk?' moment in our society with guns.
The ability for people to grow to their greatest potential demands we be unyielding honest with ourselves.  Moving beyond the lowest common denominator or mediocrity demands in large and minuscule ways that we make decisions to literally and metaphorically ball up our fists and hold our breath, in an obstinate attempt to will things to be the same-- to stagnate ourselves, or come clean about what's not working and figure a way to adapt to our changing circumstances and realities-- to grow, expand and improve our lot.   Please note:  I didn't say sell your soul to conform to my way of thinkin'.  I mean, open your mind to figure out (...not just fight finding) a better way given current conditions, in lieu of taking the defacto stance that, 'nah, gun violence is shitty, but as long as it's happening to some other family/town, status quo is good enough for me'-- which while perhaps not intentionally or maliciously conspiring to achieve, is what continuing to deny that we need gun control reform really equates to, pragmatically speaking.  

Sandy Hook, in it's tragic scope and circumstances is an invitation for all of us decide some important things about ourselves and our country-- or to resign to a lifetime of shaking our heads, tossing out a few platitudes and continuing to lie to ourselves about being shocked when someone else's 6 year old ends up in a unnaturally tiny white casket.

We need to be honest about what is our current reality in terms of gun violence.

We need to acknowledge that our gun violence problems aren't caused by a lack of God in schools.  How can the lay person recognize that that's a lie?   

A:  Facts.  To believe that God is smiting us as Americans for exercising the audacity of running secular public schools, would by extension lead one to believe that God would also find a secular education provided in other first world countries worthy of bestowing great tragedy in classrooms around the globe.  But we never really hear of school shootings outside of the U.S.  Not because we just don't hear about them, but because they are practically non-existent, globally.  In fact, of the 77 school shootings worldwide, only 17 happened outside of America.  (Germany and Canada are the only two nations who have experienced more than one school shooting.)  For those like me not mathematically inclined, that's 60 school shootings in our country.  If we're being honest, it kinda makes it seem like the difference between our reality (60) vs. that of every other first world country (17) isn't God's relationship with American schools --as if God operates on national borders, but our different approaches to gun laws, no?  God (if that is your belief system) is everywhere.   If the 'lack of God' assertion is really intended to translate as, 'people do immoral and illegal violent acts because of a lack of a belief in God, a lack of religion', I'd buy that.  And I believe it's called freewill.    And it's perfectly acceptable for one to hold the opinion that more people acting in accordance with, let's say the ten commandments, would create a better standard of living than we currently experience in many ways, however again, that's a home/clergy issue.   There's a reason we don't expect our mechanic or butcher to fulfill our faith based needs.  It's the same reason we don't expect teachers and principals (outside of those in religious schools) to do so either.  It's not God's whereabouts that earn the blame for guns being used to shoot our neighbors.  It wasn't the lack of God in a school room that precipitated this heinous act,  it was the presence of a madman with too easy of access to firearms. 

We need to stop feeding the widely popular, "if it wasn't a gun that was used to kill, it would have been a knife..." argument we tell ourselves, which is a lie in the sense that it's not exxxxactly the whole truth now is it?  It's true that if you're intent on murder you're probably gonna find a way to murder Malcom X style by any way necessary, what isn't true is that it's a tit for tat analogy.  Otherwise, we'd have a 'knife problem' too.  Knives are far more accessible than guns-- you can purchase a knife at the gas station, but that isn't the reality of violence in our society.  Clearly, the weapon of murderers choice is the gat.  If it was simply using a tool that's readily available, we would see a higher statistic for Bic pen murders.  We don't.  We see abuse of the weapon(s) with the greatest killing capabilities they can get their hands on.  When you look at the numbers, it's clear to Hellen Keller that we don't statistically have a 'knife problem' or a killing with bare hands epidemic.  Diminishing and deflecting the fact that 11,493 Americans lost their lives due to firearms (latest '09 stats)--  Perpetuating this lie that insinuates that rocks and baseball bats are equally as dangerous and devastating as guns, particularly military grade weapons, when one actually consults the numbers of the homicides, is a dishonesty that serves to benefit no one. 
(Yeah, but... Alert:)
Yeah, but on the same day there was a knife attack in China...
Before we get too far in, I should probably note for the official record;  I am NOT anti-Second Amendment.  I am NOT anti-gun.  My father, who spent his working career as a Police Officer, had the luxury of retuning home to me  when I was a little girl by the grace of a firearm and at the expense of a crims life.  My mother was also a gun carrying Police Officer when I was a wee one.  I have been around firearms and people who use them for defense, sport, hunting and as a tool of their trade my entire life.  I am a gun owner.  I like to think of the responsible variety.  I do not believe that guns themselves kill.  I do believe it is the mentally unstable/irresponsible/angry with poor impulse control/drunk, etc., person who pulls the trigger who is the killer and who bears responsibility for their violent actions.  

With that said, it would make me a complete idiot to contend that easy access to guns isn't a contributing factor to the gun violence problems we have in our country.  It would be like saying, 'nooooo, cyanide isn't dangerous.  It's the people who make it dangerous once they use it'.  True on principal and in theory, but false in reality and practice.  Can you imagine people stamping their feet trying to keep the easiest access possible for cyanide because it itself alone in a vile isn't dangerous?  Of course not, that would be preposterous.  Yet, many of us think nothing of using the same preposterous approach to gun law reform. 

An often cited reason for resistance to engage in a meaningful dialogue is the 'criminals don't follow the law' mantra.  Which always brings that ol' quote; "do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?" to mind.  Sure.  It's accurate to acknowledge that crims aren't known for being a particularly law abiding group of citizens.  However, it poses two questions:  1)  How's that workin' out?    And in this case, B) is being right an adequate excuse not to engage in supporting strengthening our gun laws?  Clearly as the graph below illustrates, the current plan isn't working.  It's not helping enough to keep our citizens mothers, kids, spouses, friends safe enough.  It just isn't.  One would have to be naive to believe that every bit of our gun violence is attributable to criminals.  Leaving a certain amount--  (* Of 1,662 murders committed in New York City during 2003-2005, more than 90% were committed by people with criminal records.   --It does not specify what % of 1,662 murders were firearm related, but for a vague idea see Redrum chart above)-- let's say 10% committed by assailants who do not have a prior criminal record.  According to Gallup, roughly 50% of Americans (314,959,000) report owning at least one firearm (meaning approximately 157,479,500 U.S. gun owners). So if forging new restrictions or new qualifications or whatever reasonable idea can be put together for ownership could lead to even 1% of non-criminal gun owners failing to meet a new set of standards that would keep legally acquired guns out of the hands of 154,795.  Obviously, I am not smart enough can't speculate as to how many firearms homicides would be deterred out of 154,795 fewer people having easy access, but to have new ways to screen/test/qualify to potentially keep the next Sandy Hook, Aroura or Tuscon shooter--  who based on current conditions had easy access to legally obtained firearms, wouldn't it be worth it?  You can say no, but doing so really goes back to the initial point, if you're shocked by these incidents of gun violence, you either aren't paying attention, or it's time to admit that you really just don't care about innocent people being killed, at least not enough to be even the tiniest bit inconvenienced, or to compromise on the smallest of points. 
Data Source:  United Nations, The Washington Post/Max Fisher
We are so quick to trot out, 'criminals will be criminals'  and shake our heads that we never see some of the glaring things that could be accomplished to reduce firearm violence.  Things like requiring gun shows to adhere to the same regulations that mandate your local gun shop to do a background check.  I'd image we could all agree that if it's a bad idea to sell/buy a car without the proper legal paperwork, that it's also a bad idea to have a unregulated guns being sold willy-nilly down at the fairground each weekend.  That seems like a no brainer.  But all too often we never get to figure out where the common ground is, mainly because at the first mention of 'gun control' too many conjure up images of sugar plum fairies black gov'ment vans pulling up and confiscating all shotguns, rifles, handguns, switchblades, razor blades and sling-shots.  (Which is another lie we spread.  Over the years I've had 'gun chat' with Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, religiously inclined friends and atheists, gun enthusiasts and people petrified by guns, old and young, city dwellers and rural folks, and never has anyone proposed that we become a gun-less society.  Not one time.)
Most people would agree that military grade weapons have no earthly business being sold in our communities.  But we can't even make a move on the those, even though they serve no purpose other than havin' some fun in the country, and killing the greatest number of people in the shortest amount of time.  They are useless for hunting.  They are not used in sport/competitive shooting.  And frankly, if you can't stop an intruder and defend your home with a Glock, Sig or grandpa's shotgun, you don't have any 'bidness owning a weapon powerful enough that they are the tools of the trade for armed forces and law enforcement.  But that type of reason is eshewed for fibs and half-truths.  And because some folks like their big bang-bang toys too much to not be allowed to buy any more, or heaven forbid have to part with a specific type them.  I don't know about you but if someone asked me to give up my favorite toy because it was going to help keep someone else's kid/mother/friend from being shot there's really nothing I can think of that I own that I wouldn't pony up to help accomplish that.   
(Yeah, but... Alert:)
Three words:  Well.  Regulated.  Militia. 
Go home.  You've already lost.
We can't seem to be honest enough with each other to acknowledge that regulating against large clips would be beneficial.  The thought process being that it would only serve to have killers reloading more frequently.  Which speaks to the crux of this issue--  why are we so intent on making everything associated with guns the easiest?  That split second to reload isn't a long time.  ...Unless it's the split second that allows your spouse/friend/child to run away, or a couple of people to tackle the shooter, then that blink of an eye moment means everything.  But because so many are willing to buy the lie that small mag/large mag doesn't make a difference, we'll tacitly endorse the actions of the next AR-15 tottin' madman at the expense of lives.  It makes me wonder what is says about us that we're so cavalier with the lives of someone else's loved one.  When we all know that if one of our people was murdered by a firearm purchased without a background check, or by the 99th round in the mag, or military grade weapon, we'd be outraged and demand a change.  It's disheartening that so many of us are so comfortable with it happening in some other church/school/theater to a strangers people.
It's time to stop telling ourselves that guns are the solutions to more of our problems than they are the cause of them.  Again, I'm not anti-gun, or suggesting that we should melt down every gun in the nation, I'm just pro-fact and reason there are situations where firearms have saved lives-- one happened Monday night i San Antonio involving an off-duty officer who was strapped and anecdotaly you see such stories at homes and convenience stores, etc., but we shouldn't delude ourselves that those fortunate circumstances are the same as, more guns = more safe.  In reality, every time a gun injures or kills in self-defense, it is used:

  • 11 times for completed and attempted suicides 
  • 7 times in criminal assaults and homicides, and
  • 4 times in unintentional shooting deaths or injuries
When I say it shouldn't be so easy to acquire (legally) a gun, I mean you shouldn't be able to do so in a shorter amount of time than a pizza can arrive at your house.  I don't believe that's unreasonable.  And before you assume the pizza time frame is hyperbole on my part, yesterday one of my besties, AnonD purchased a semi-auto 20 gauge shotgun for her pheasant huntin' husband for his upcoming birthday.  My problem with that?  Nothing.  ...Except for the fact that she purchased it and was out the door in less than :30 minutes, the only hoop she had to jump through was producing her drivers license and signing off on a form that claiming she's not a loon, and this was at a national store.  While I'm sure they met the requirement for covering their ass based on current guidelines, does less than a half hour seem like enough time to thoroughly and check someone out especially since we all know legal paperwork of all kinds takes time to be input and reflect on a persons permanent record?  I'm not suggesting that it should take 18 months to get a gun, but your damn pizza ought to be cold by the time you get it, no?

We like to tell ourselves that being a 'responsible gun owner' is all about knowing which situations require drawin' down on someone, or not shooting your hunting partner in the face Dick Cheney, I'll never forget you. But that's only part of being a responsible gun owner, in the same manner that owning a car and having managed not to have literally run over someone isn't synonymous with being a 'responsible driver'. We all know enough poor drivers to know that's not true. Being a responsible driver entails skads of hoops to jump through and every 16 year old jumps through them gladly, yet as adults our fists get clinched and chests get beat over the idea of having a conversation to pitch in and do what we can about preventing events like Sandy Hook? That doesn't seem very 'responsible' on the larger scale.  I'll tell you, if I wanted to buy a new firearm, I wouldn't feel the least bit put out by jumping through hoops to make it happen... longer waiting period, in-dept background check (including mental competency), standing on my head, whatever if it would help weed out even a small fraction of people who shouldn't have legal access to weapons, if it would prevent some family from having the week far too many in Connecticut are having.
There are so many things we can do and support that would help us evolve to a safer society.  But they all require evolving past stomping our feet in defiance and resistance, in deference to antiquated thinking and expectations of a bygone era.  It's a vast and complex issue with contributing factors from health (mental), to the ramifications of our gun glorifying culture in all aspects of society from music and movies (tv) and the games we play, etc.  (I'm not contending that any of those is responsible for any act of real world gun violence, but it would be a lie for me to say that those things don't help shape our attitudes towards our national gun culture, in the same fashion that contending the influences of our families don't shape us would be inaccurate.)  There is no one thing that solves this problem.  Like practically all problems, it's hardly ever caused by just one thing, it's a domino effect of many things that yields the result.  There is no one thing that provides us a magic panacea.  Madmen will always find a way to strike mayhem.  Innocent people will always suffer great tragedies.  But must we continue to make it so easy to accomplish?  No rule or law will ever be perfect or cover every contingency.  But it's time to stop lying to ourselves that just because all of that is true, that changing nothing is the answer to our problem.  I don't purport to have the definitive solution to our gun violence problem, but that doesn't seem like good enough of a reason to continue to dig in our heals and do nothing.  We owe it to our families, and our neighbors and our nation to be better than that.  We owe them the effort of evolving past the mindsets and behaviors that have created our reality of what is to pave the way to a safer what can be.  Not being able to solve everything is no excuse for not solving some things. 

It is my hope that sooner rather than later we opt to acknowledge the ways we fib to ourselves about our gun violence situation and get truth-y-ier with each other.  That we stop wasting time being shocked and start getting involved and participating in creating fewer opportunities for madmen to shock us, as seriously as if our lives depend on it.  Because they do. 


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

~I've Never Married...And?!?

There's always a reaction when words form and fall out of your mouth assuming you're not sayin' them alone and in the woods.

Honestly, I try to be cognizant of this as I speak.  (I know.  That's hard for some of you to believe.  Please note:  I did NOT say I am always successful at it when I speak.  Also, suck it.)   Sure, sometimes I totally say shit in a certain way to maximize my personal entertainment. 

...But really, '99.44% of home deaths happen in the bathroom and I was almost one of 'em this morning' is far more exciting of a story kickoff than, 'soooo, I almost slipped in the shower', ya know?  (To those of you who don't know-know me:  I'd imagine that seems like perhaps the inner workin's of a drama queen, but people who do know-know me are well aware that A) I'd probably never mention anything of supreme 
importance [...unless there was no other alternative] and II) I tend to be a reverse exaggerator.  I'm far more likely to downplay things that many would pad or bulk up and make less of a deal about big type stuff.  Generally, when I make sumthin' big everybody knows it's really some stupid ass minutiae.  Yes.  I am weird.  Moving on...) 

If "you've got small balls", "you shouldn't have left your paddy waggon alone with the engine running" and "I have love in my heart for you too" have taught me anything (um, yeah, those happened) it's that a string of words have the ability to cause quite a stir.  Even when it's a non-accurate slip of the tongue, totally true or the best you can do and don't wanna be the kinda person who would lie about love, words create reactions.   With, obviously, a pretty expansive repertoire of reactions to words coming out of my mouth, I still find the reaction to my answer when asked if I've ever been married jarring.

(Only slightly exaggerated)
For reasons I'm not entirely sure of, "no, I've never been married" consistently congers up the most befuddled looks and assy subsequent comments. 

I often wonder why that tends to be met with the same reaction as if I'd uttered, 'I, yeah, I'd like to fuck an albino midget-- sorry, pigmentally challenged dwarf of diminutive stature', or told them that their child is ugly. 
Even with all of these years of practice I really never know what to say once I've-never-been-married is 'out there'.   Usually because I'm an asshole I say, "...But, I've also never been divorced."

(The Official BBG Stance On Divorce:  I don't think it's anything to aspire to.  I think once you've made a commitment like that you fuckin' fight like hell to preserve it, especially if little  ones are involved [kids, not pigmentally challenged wee people].  I also think no one knows what really goes on between a couple other than that twosome.  And that shit happens. That sometimes the shit that happens is unbearable/
unacceptable to one or both parties and that there comes a point where a decision made in the past that has turned out to be a bad or unfixable one shouldn't dictate all of the rest of your days.  If you've tried, really tried, at a certain point I don't think anyone should be expected to continue hitting their head against a brick wall, and on that level have zero problem with it.  I think nothing less of someone who has been divorced.)

Of course, being a never-been-married-er (from here on out known as NBM-er) I also think nothing less of someone who is, as I like to frame it, a successful singleton. 

Given the uber present reaction I get when I say that I haven't other than prom sported a big white dress, I get the impression that many think NBM-er's (especially chick NBM-er's) is synonymous with not being able to get married.  That it's a sign of so many flaws that there literally isn't one single lid for your pot.  Of course being flawless knowing many other successful singletons, I know that most of them are just regular delightful, kickass people who's third finger on their left hand is bare.  I'd be lyin' if I said none of them are bat shit crazy, but I assure you I know an assload of bat shit crazy married/divorced people too.  Honestly, some of the NBM-er's in my circle of friends are some of the least fucked up folks I know.  Fucked up usually desires an audience/victim

The reasons for NBM-er's being single are as varied as the number of NBM-er's out there (28% of Americans are NBM-ers), so I can only speak for myself and my own experiences with being an NBM-er.  As a public service I can clear up a few myths of the NBM:

No.  It isn't awful lonely.  What's awful lonely is sleeping beside someone who you've grown (even temporarily) to despise avoiding touching each other, or riding in a car in silence with the person legally tied to you who you feel completely disconnected from.  Lonely is waiting for your spouse who didn't have the respect to call you to tell you they'd be 2 hours late, but knowing tardiness isn't a legal reason for separation.  Am I alone sometimes?  Yep.  (When I'm not dating or in a relationship) But alone isn't necessarily lonely.  When I'm alone I get to do exactly whateverthefuck I choose to involve myself in.  With anyone I choose.  Any time I choose.   With no discussion or debate.  Total autonomy isn't lonely.  It's footloose and fancy free.  In fact, the majority of the time it's pretty fuckin' awesome. 

No.  I'm not too picky.   There's a difference between, 'and can you believe he had the audacity to wear orange', and 'he doesn't add enough to my life (I don't mean money, I mean, fun/love/adventure/substance, etc.) vs. shit (everyones bag of shit; moodiness/stupidity/baggage/
negative habits, etc.) ratio, to invest the rest of my days in'.  My expectations out of a guy aren't too high.  Smart, thoughtful and kind, funny, taller than me, tolerant, are really my only hard and fast must haves, leaving a lotta room for negotiable and comprimiseable.  None of which I consider 'too picky'.  Frankly, I think too many marrieds aren't (weren't) picky enough, but I'm polite enough not to call your ass out on your personal life decisions for sport at a party.  

-No.  I'm not afraid of marriage.  A) No one is afraid of marriage.  I am vigilant in being cautious about marrying the 'wrong' person and ending up in a bad marriage.  And with the national divorce rates continuing to hover at 50% that doesn't seem like an unreasonable thing to be cognizant of as one decides who stays and goes in their life.  I am open to and keep my peepers peeled for someone capable of earning that level of commitment, and if he wants to put a ring on it, I'm down.  I don't however, subscribe to the thinking that marriage is the thing that makes you (or a life) complete.  Being happy and contented with yourself, being good to those around you and actually livin' your life in real time is the pinnacle of what makes a (life) complete.  It strikes me as odd that you (we all) know plenty of people who don't have any of that figured out who have walked down the isle and are magically given the benefit of the doubt that they are the together ones?   Meanwhile, I'm the one you think is a kook?

-No.  I don't led a celibate existence.  (Nor am I waking up next to a guy who's name I don't know every weekend.)  I spent 
8 months with this guy this year.  Because I'm kinda fuckin' awesome I'm not prone to long bouts of forced singledom.    I keep a roster of break glass in case of emergency options for times when I'm not in a relationship.  Not exactly a Samantha Jones life, but also not lil' Miss Notgettinany either. 

No.  I don't have a 27 cats.  BBG HQ is both a feline and doily free zone.  There is one dog.  I am his person/owner.  He is not my 'baby'.

No.  I don't feel bad (awkward, loser-y, etc.) for *still* being single.  I'm a cool ass chick who any guy would be lucky to spend time with.  It just so happens 'any guy' is not enough of a qualification to make me retire my NBM status.  That isn't something to pity, it's something to be impressed by.  It's called not settling.  I'm proud of it.  It means I'm strong enough to be true to me, even in the face of societal expectations, and reactions and comments overtly and subtly letting me know that I have, in their estimation, failed at meeting and am being judged as a lil' less than because of it. 

It's funny that for all of the talk of the sancity of marriage, that someone who makes decisions to truly honor that, by not just doin' it, is the one who's looked at sideways.  That somehow, we've come to a place in time where it's more palatable for someone to have, for whatever reason, rescinded a vow than to be someone who's been savvy enough, again, for whatever reason, to have avoided putting themselves in the same position. 
Maybe next time I say, "No, I've never been married", you'll just say 'lucky/smart girl.'  But I'm not holding my breath. 


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

~The F's: Family, Friends, Food & Frivolity

The past several days have presented a perfect storm 'o goodness.  It started Wednesday with my drive over the river and through the woods (aka: to grandmothers house we go - [the song] for you youngin's) and only one other driver pissed me off.  Which would be a stellar day by any measure, but on Thanksgiving Eve with all of the dumbasses extra traffic?  That's a fuckin' holiday miracle. 

GinCat, moi & JH - 8th Grade
After getting settled at Nana's I headed out to a hometown H2O-ing hole where I ran into my only ex who I'm actually still friends with (I choose to operate under the belief that the rest of them may be dead) which says a lot about (code name) Jake'sDad.  (It was 20 years ago we spied each other in another hometown local dive.  I remember thinkin' that guy over there in the red Lands End jacket is cute.  ...And that I didn't even live there so there was no point in flirting with him.  A few months later here in Columbus, I spied that red Lands End jacket again.  Turns out he'd been home for Thanksgiving too and lived around the corner from me.  This time I flirted.)   I also got to hang with BC, one of my favorite we-just-get-each-other people who I've known since we were 13ish, TR, (who if memory serves, went to nursery school with me) his he really married up lovely wife L, and little sister, T (who because we are similarly hued, I've been mistaken for in my hometown all of my damn life).   The night also brought me a surprise visit with JS (ponytail pic) and JH, who I've known since the 4th grade.  Which is prompting my own lil' Operation Mind Blowing...

Yes.  I thought this story needed a chart...
As fate has once again used it's mysterious ways to entertain me, it turns out JH works for the same company that the target Vic Mackey does.  (Vic Mackey [code name] is the uncle of my Godkidz/brother-in-law of one of my besties, LB2'd)  Vic Mackey also goes by BBG code name: H2B#2.  A million years ago when LB2'd and I met, her Dad decided that if his wife (LB2'd's Mom) died, he'd marry me.  He became husband to be #1 (H2B#1).  Several years later LB2'd's sister (code name: Mrs. Mackey [yes, her hubby looks like The Shield's Vic Mackey]) hubby declared that if Mrs. Mackey kicks the bucket and assuming I'm not already hitched to his father-in-law that I would be his new wife.  Giving him H2B#2status.   Now, JH and Vic Mackey have worked together for years.  Obviously, I've known them both for years and years.  And this week I'm about to make the small ass world go boom.  I have dispatched JH to hunt Vic Mackey down this week at work and tell him that he's known his wife-to-be since grammar school.  Oh how I'd love to be a fly on the wall when this moment goes down.  (And yes, LB2'd's hubby has also claimed me as his next wife should LB2 die an untimely death, making him H2B#3.  ...I'm not sure if it's comforting or creepy that if I don't find a husband of my own that all I have to do is wait for one of my besties [her sister or mother] to take a dirt nap...)

Thanksgiving morning I was pryed from the grips of the Sandman by the sounds and scents of Nana in the kitchen (this was Nana's 65th year making Thanksgiving!).  I'm not much of an early bird, left to my own devices, but a scent-y combination of everything that is good and holiday holy?  Hellz yeah I was up and at 'em. 

- Nana Thanksgiving Menu -
Handcrafted Rolls
Fresh Green Beans
Buttery Mashed Potatoes
Homemade Gravy
Some Kinda Sweet Potato Sumthin' Or The Other
2 Different Cranberry goos
From Scratch, Ol' School, Real-Deal Mac and Cheese
Sage-y, Succulent, Nana Toasted Bread Earlier In The Week Stuffing
The BEST Pie Chocolate Pie In The History Of The World
I Hear It's Pumpkin Praline Pie

(any guesses on what a BBG doesn't eat?)

I enjoyed, and was thankful for another special day spent with family.  Of course I ate entirely too the fuck much, but isn't that what you're supposed to do?  I feel like on Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving you should go back for seconds.  Which is exactly why I make such a small first plate well, that and that I don't like my food to touch.  Second I'm so full I may hurl stuffing is always the best stuffing of the year.

Friday brought my friend Potatohead into town for the 109th OSU/michigan match up being played at the 'Shoe.  Potatohead is somewhat of a pied piper bringing several old friends/co-workers together for some booze-y shenanigans.  The visit included; Kot, one of my birthday buddies (when we worked together there were four of us who had a birthday over 5 sequential days-- yes, that was a pretty tipsy week too) who ended up marrying my friend since childhood, GinCat (pic above), LRac and Uncle Buck.  (Side note:  Uncle Buck is the only code name I'm unhappy with.  Uncle Buck used to be fat and put you in the mind of the then alive John Candy.  Uncle Buck is now thin and in no way makes me think of John Candy, but I have yet to concoct a new code name.)  Oh, and the 2002 Buckeye National Championship team:

Randomly our first spot was the site of a shindig honoring the team, a fitting way to start michigan weekend.  While O - H-ing with some BCS champs helped set the tone for The Rivalry, so did sticking my tongue out at three big blue and maize'd up guys... and then giggling at them.  In my defense I did say, "you know I can't help myself" to them when I did it.

Later we found ourselves migrating to LRac's bar downtown.  Know what's good about a friend who owns a bar?  Everyfuckingthing.  Super sneaky easy parking.  Reserved and waiting seating at a prime table.  Waitstaff that is johnny on the spot and access to a private bathroom.  All was on the up and up, photos were taken, laughs were had, beer consumed and then I broke for a smoke.  Outside I met two members of a bachelor party also taking a smoke break.  We ended up chatting for a moment, one was from Dayton prompting me to tell him how weird I think Dayton is, and the other one lived in BBGville.  They seemed like boys, but anyone under 35 seems like a fetus to me so I may not be the best judge.  The next time we crossed paths I was with LRac and magically two beers were delivered by my new friend.  This filled me with glee for a couple of reasons:  A) It's always nice to be reminded that you've still got it and 2) That I was good for 'bidness by making money for LRac and her hubby's bar.  Win/win.   Later the beer wizard tried to entice me to follow bread crumbs back to his hotel, but being of decent enough self esteem and not looking to possibly be Chris Hanson'd in the company of a youngin' end up as a reenactment on America's Most Wanted on some very special we haven't seen her since episode, I declined with a small peck on the cheek. 

Saturday marked 15 years since I received a middle of the night call telling me LB2'd's water had broken.  It's mind boggling to think that tiny lil' baby I held within minutes of drawing his first breath is 15.  Daaaaaaamn I'm gettin' old.  I chatted with the birthday boy, Godkid J, and gave him his first driving lesson (the importance of left, right, left with his project being getting in the habit of doing it at intersections when others are driving and to report in the first time he picks up someone doin' sumthin' hinky). 

It was a banner day 'round these parts for other reasons too, mainly The Ohio State Buckeyes putting together a perfect season (12-0) under a first year coach, Urban Meyer and beating michigan:

(Stolen from Blond Maria)

A few days in November. 

I only missed one F. 

...I'll get to workin' on that.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

~Election Day: It's Here! It's Here!!

I love Election Day!  This year I love it more than I believe I ever have. 

As a swing state voter (Ohio) I've not only had a front row seat to democracy, it's been as if a roadie winked and bestowed a backstage pass to the VIP room.  We've been courted by President Obama and his challenger Mitt Romney no fewer than 85 times during this campaign season including several times they were within dead cat swinging distance of BBG HQ.  I have been deluged with political ads since before Primaries in March.  For those of you not living in Buckeyeland, imagine not one single commercial break without a "and I approve this" for nine months straight.  Think.  About.  That.  And then consider the self control necessary to not go on some sort of justified highly illegal bloody spree.  (Gold Star: moi)

It hasn't just been the non-stop motorcades, TV and radio commercials.  Noooo.  As a swing state voter I've also been the recipient of 692,741 telephone calls.  Prompting me to take evasive actions in my own fucking home:
(Facebook update)
I've had 7 robo phone calls this morning. (Please notice it's before Noon 'O Clock... on a WEEKEND!) The most recent one from Jungle Jack Hanna about (blah, blah, fuckity, blah)...  For those of you who know my 'no weekend calls before noon, unless someone is dead/dying or an opportunity for cotton candy is involved' rule, I am, as you can imagine, gettin' grumpier by the minute. If you have trouble reaching me, it will be because I've unplugged the home phone.  (yes. I am one of the last 7 people with a home phone.) This would be the time when most folks would say, 'I'm on the cell', but I think we all know the cell is in another room (in my car, in some pocket in the closet, in the fridge [um, yeah, that has happened])  ...So basically, over the next several days don't let anything bad or really super good happen until Wednesday, deal?
Yesterday I cleared 11 unwanted political messages from my voicemail.  Fun, huh?  So when I say I'm glad to day is here.  I fucking mean it.  Normally, I get all caught up and warm and gushy about the fact that brave men and women have shed blood so that I can get up on a Tuesday each November to cast a vote to have my say about how we manage our nation (state, city).  I think about the people around the globe who, would this very day give their lives to ensure their neighbor or daughter had the same right tomorrow.  Not to be overly dramatic (HA!  Who am I kidding?) but Election Day usually finds me waking up to a feeling of awe and gratitude that I have the honor of making good on the sacrifices of Americans before me. 
Today I just woke up feeling like kicking some ass.  Like a girl who's been listening to some asshole bad mouthin' her mama long enough ...and now it's go time.  I was feisty from the moment my eyes flapped open.  Whilst brushing my teeth I found the thought, 'don't kick anyone in the balls' bouncing around my mind.  By gargling time I realized that my subconscious was trying to give me a warning, and because I don't wanna be some chicks bitch think I'd do well in jail, it behooved me to pay attention.  So today I'm going to kick some ass the only way that allow me to still have the freedom to decide what I'm going to have for dinner and watch on tv tonight, with a simple push of a button.
I hope all of you will be doing the same.  I know that some of you will be pushing a button for a different guy.  I don't have any fucking idea why believe today is about is about exercising your right to do so.  I'm not telling you who to vote for, but I am telling you to show the fuck up.
We're Americans.  We decide our future.  Decide wisely.

BBG Election Day Tips:

~ Do write down your voting intentions.
~ Don't be the dumbass stumblin' and bumblin' around reading every initiative or race, know who/what you're voting for before you get to the screen.
~ Always buy sumthin' at the bake sale.
~ Never eat anything some random stranger, who's kitchen, hygiene and judgement you know nothin' about has made.
~ Be proud of your participation in the process no matter how the election breaks. It's an opportunity many would die for. And many have. 


Related Post:  If you give a shit about why/who I'm voting for [click]  (Warning:  It's long.  For the quick version scroll down to the 'Dear GOP' part.)


Sunday, October 28, 2012

~It's Not That I Don't Respect Women... It's That I Don't Respect The Dumbasses You Chose To Represent You.

Admittedly, I am nothing if not a dichotomy. There've been times I've described myself as 'a combination of being stodgily pragmatic and exceedingly whimsical'. I'm a gun lovin', liberal. A death penalty backin', pro-choice-er. I can be chronically patient (I have birthday presents I have yet to open and my birthday was almost two months ago. --I'm savoring the element of surprise.) and acutely impatient (like every morning when I'm waiting for my Mt. Dew to reach peak temperature once placed in the freezer), otherwise known as the longest, most 'are we there yet?' 20ish minutes of my day.

So when I thought that I would refrain from commenting on something, I pretty much figured  that was that. A done deal.  While yes, as the title of this blog would accurately suggest, I lack it in deciding what to put in my pie hole, but in general, I've got the willpower of Zeus over most things. 99.44% of the time once I've set my mind on something it's exactly what I'm going to do it. (...And yes, this is precisely why I don't set my mind to too much.) But lemme back up and bring everyone up to speed...

Depending on how you landed here, this post is completely out of left field, or an elaboration of a Facebook post.  I try not to be that girl who posts everything backing her political views that she sees on her Facebook page morning 'til night. (You know that girl [or guy] ...You've probably unfrinded them or wonder each day why you haven't unfriended them.) Which isn't to say I never make a political post, I do, I just make an attempt to be judicious about my ta-doin's. (The same would apply if I liked cats [I don't] I wouldn't post a million and one precious kitty pics either.)  For those of you who know my history working in advertising, it will come as no surprise that while my page isn't all this political and that political, what I have been active in doing is creating content in support of my political beliefs, (you won't even find find them on the BBGWorld page as I've elected to give them away to pages who have posted them) in hopes of furthering conversation, a bit of a spread the word campaign, if you will. I've made several that have had various degrees of success, in terms of viraility.

Generally, I make it a habit to refrain from making comment on them once posted. I feel that while I may have helped start a conversation, it's not my place to try to shape or control the conversation, especially considering I've made my point (or position), with the meme itself.  Oz should stay behind the curtain.  Which was indeed my mindset as I took a peek at some of the comments on my latest creation:

(Originally posted by: The Everlasting GOP Stoppers)

(If somehow you're unfamiliar with this story [here:
   Richard Mourdoch - R Senate Candidate, IN] during a debate last week.)


I read this comment:   "This is sick and pathetic that this kind of fearmongering is being used. Shows how desperate and the lack of respect for women that whomever posted this ad has."

...That was my, 'crime-- boy,  I don't know...' moment.  (For those non-West Wing fans, the moment I changed my mind.)

Open Letter to JS:

I couldn't agree more. This is sick. And pathetic. I'd contend it's supremely disturbing, stomach churning and even tear inducing. Frankly, I don't think those words do the horrific nature of these images justice. I thought long and hard about using them. I didn't take including such graphic photos lightly. You see JS, I knew that many women who were going to see that meme would be survivors of such an event. Not solely based on the fact that I'm aware of the statistics that 1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of a rape or attempted rape and not based on the fact that a rape occurs every 2 minutes, but because I've sat and held the hands and wiped the tears of women who have just had such atrocious and debasing crime inflicted on them. I've walked beside women who are trying to take the very first uneasy steps of regaining some semblance of control and order after both (and more) have been stolen from their bodies and souls. I assure you in no way did I superfluously or cavalierly piece this together. 

I will grant you that I am indeed desperate. I am desperate to keep women who's experiences are reminiscent of those images (as well as scar less survivors) from being forced by somone elses mandate to have to endure a pregnancy and give birth to a child, as if a baby should be a GOP rape parting gift in the event of such an crime and situation.   If I'm being truth-y, I'm desperate to keep abortion legal on demand. As I've noted before, (in my Religion, Politics & Abortion post - click) I believe the only thing denying access to legal abortion stops is women dying in back alleys. Like it or not, terminating pregnancies has always been a part of the human condition. And like other things 'we' don't like, don't approve of or are morally put off by--  it will not cease to exist even if legislated against. People didn't stop drinking during Prohibition. They did start dyin' from drinking illegal, unregulated and unsanitary bathtub hooch. The alternative to taking abortion away as a procedure preformed by medical professionals that any woman can obtain, isn't, in fact, the cessation of abortions, it simply creates a reality where women in the 21st century are relegated to exercising dangerous options of bygone eras like coat hangers, or the time honored tradition of throwing of oneself down a flight or two of stairs. Or an overdose of the pills she was able to get her hands on because death seemed like the only other option available to her.

I am desperate to prevent people, like you, JS, thinking they have the right to enforce their beliefs on abortion, and others from actually doing so. Lemme be very clear:   Either way one chooses to live their lives is perfectly fine with me. If you're pro-life. Super. Don't have an abortion. Run your uterus and your house by those rules. If you're pro-choice and you find yourself in a situation where you would choose to exercise such an option. Fine. I've got no problem with that either. For either position, I feel that's between the woman, her conscience, her God, (if that's her belief system), her partner (if applicable in the situation) and her doctor. It's not my business or concern. Nor should it be yours or anyone else's. It has no impact on me. It has no impact on you or anyone who isn't directly (read: sperm contributing wise) involved. Much like I know what's best for me, I expect that ALL grown ups know what's best for them. Whether they do or not is debatable, but their right to exercise their in-chargeness of themselves isn't.

But that's not the mantra of the GOP these days.  Unless I misunderstood and that whole 'party of personal freedom' only extends to penis packin' Americans?  Pathetically, there seems to be a significant and growing contingent of the GOP who are under the impression that their beliefs get to mandate the fundamental extent of which grown ass American women are able to manage what happens in their bodies. And I call bullshit.

Obviously, the plethora of candidates who hold such beliefs and intend on governing their constituency in accordance with this bullshit mindset aren't representative of all the whole of the GOP. However, on a certain level you are the company you keep. Lie with dogs? Ya gonna get fleas. Don't want fleas? TCB, baby... If you can't take back your party? Well, then it's pretty asinine to as a party at large be spoutin' off about takin' back a country. Get your house in order before you have another whack at the nation, how 'bout?  And that change must come from within. Honestly?  If blow back from this type of reaction helps prompt some of you to do some housecleaning, then, you're welcome.  Until then the GOP can't even entertain courting my vote.   In light of the latest in a long string of comments of this nature on the subject, yes, I felt it was a topic worthy of helping to ensure that voters were aware of as they make their decisions as to who they'll ultimately support this election. It goes to judgement.  The judgement of would-be and elected officials insistent on believing and spewing, what graciously I'll call 'ignorant theories' on abortion, rape and the most rudimentary workin's of physiology that any 9th grader who stayed awake during Health Class has a grasp on.  The judgement of all of their contemporaries who don't run away from them as if they were carriers of some crazy brain atrophying plague.  It calls into question the judgement of a Presidential Candidate who feels so sure about Richard Murdoch, that he's the only candidate Mitt Romney has endorsed with a tv commercial.  That says something.  I feel it's incumbent on us to listen.
I also made this.  I doubt you'll like it either...
I take exception on the point that it is [sic] "fearmongering". Fear mongering would be to suggest rumor or conjecture.  What will be the result if access to abortion is taken away from women isn't an if situation it's a when-- a fact one only needs to look at history to verify.

It is an uber graphic depiction. But it's one that simply holds a mirror to an unfolding story within the ranks of the GOP. Clearly, not one you agree with, as is your right. Not agreeing with something, however, doesn't make it untrue.

The point I take the biggest issue with is saying that I lack respect for for women, which couldn't be a more off base assessment. On the contrary. I respect them enough that I am actively invested in ensuring that they are cognizant that a party that they may otherwise, or in other instances be representative of some of their views, is in this aspect actively working against their best interest--  their fundamental right to manage their bodies as they see fit, not as some politician who can't discern the difference between magic beans and fallopian tubes sees fit. And not by people who believe that there is such a thing as 'legitamate rape', when there's not a thinking person alive who doesn't understand that rape is rape. Period. End of fucking story. Nor by people who would dane to tell a woman who had survived sexual violence that if she became pregnant as a result that she would be forced to allow cells to multiply until she delivers a baby. I respect women enough to believe that each individual one should be making her own decisions on how she manages her uterus based on her own beliefs, not mine. Or yours. Can you say the same? If not, then guess what? It's not me who lacks respect for women.


There were, obviously, other comments that took issue with the meme. Although, they paled in comparison to those in support of it.  I found much of the feedback touching, thoughtful and compelling, not surprising considering the gravitas of the subject.  A few things, however, did catch me off guard. I knew this would resonate with women. I am not the only chick who has held hands and wiped the tears of someone in their lives who has be violated in such an extremely ugly way. What I didn't anticipate was that so many men would have shared and commented in support. Listen. I'm not one of those girls who stereotypically holds poor views on guys. I know Mandom is filled with a host of wonderful, thoughtful, caring and supportive men.  I have always been a girl who digs guys, but reading these made me love some of you men all the more;

"Speaking as a man with daughters, I am appalled by this idiot Murdoch's comments. Speaking as a former cop, the graphic is not graphic enough. I saw some that would tear away the very sanity from you. Rape is not a joke, a political football or a sexual preference. It's a violent act committed by a coward that hides behind many excuses. A woman has to have the same freedom and liberty as any other citizen to make life choices about her body. If not, all our daughters are not safe..."

"The reason I posted this was only because people only understand things they can see, and I struggled with the fear of traumatizing past victims but decided that other people are too thick sometimes and need the reality wake up call. I am sorry if this causes anyone pain from memories past or present."
"it is really hard for me to understand why anyone can support the republican platform and some of it's members this year. i know it is not representative of all it's members, but they should openly denounce those in their party that hold these views - and yet they only make excuses for them."

"If that is what you believe, I will support your right to not have one. On the other hand, you have no right to impose that view on other women."

"The woman shouldn't be forced to endure the pregnancy. I see that as adding insult to the injury. It doesn't matter if abortions are legal or not, women will get them anyways and possibly die from them in an alley. That is a reason why Mitt was pro-choice until be began running for president, if you didn't know, he had a relative who died in an alley abortion and if it was legal when she attempted the abortion, she would have lived. A pro-choice Republican had opportunity in Massachusetts (highly liberal) but didn't have a chance as President. Outlawing abortions will do only two things: add to pregnancy related fatalities and fill orphanages."

"you are free to believe in whatever deity you choose. But your rights end at your door, and do not extend to forcing YOUR religion onto other people. Would you want Islam or atheism enforced onto you and your family? No? Then don't tell others what to believe or how to handle their own affairs and bodies. "

"You know this whole debate would be funny if it wasn't real. I mean what kind of world do we live in when our freedom of choice is taken away. I do believe that a woman has a right to choose rather or not to have a baby. Especially in a case of rape. I as a guy can only guess the trauma a woman would go through carrying her attackers child. But the constant debate of religious politics is the reason I'm agnostic. Leave religion out of it and think for yourselves. A victim of rape never gets over it. They may be able to move on but that knowledge is always there. Forcing them to carry a constant reminder of what happened is just cruel. Hell we treat sex offenders better then the victims. You go oh the poor unborn child, but unless you are a victim of rape you really shouldn't judge those who are."

"Dear folks who remain silent or defend Republicans: I am well aware of the reason you don't vote FOR a Democrat is because they are evil, promote tax and spend, allow Gays equal rights, fund programs to help veterans find work...what i DON'T understand is, how you can vote FOR Republicans."

"Those who believe they have a right to control women's bodies are making their position exceptions for rape and incest...maybe if the mother's life is in danger they will put her needs first but for every other woman you will cease to have any rights the minute you are carrying a nonviable fetus. Women desperate to terminate a pregnancy will once again turn to back alley abortions and risk death. We can not let this happen. Vote 2012. "

"This is so disturbing. But it takes a dose of reality sometimes to get through rose colored glasses. Equally disturbing is the Republicans' rape culture - and glorified notion that rape is sex instead of what it always is - a brutalizing act of violence, violation and humiliation for power and control. Let's call rape what it is: A Hate Crime."

"I love how according to the far right, the democratic party is being "petty" and "small". I simply don't understand how we are being small telling them to stop being ambiguous about the definition of rape in the name of a nearly pointless argument as abortion will happen no matter the law. It should serve only as warning to how out of touch these people are to think that a woman should have no choice on carrying her rapist's baby. Would you support this shit if it happened to someone you love? Even as a guy, what if someone raped your wife, then she died birthing said child, so you end up raising a child the child of the rapist who killed your wife? Someone should put these people UNDER their office, not in one"

"know this may upset some who do not wish to see such graphic reminders, but I just heard a flock of politicians defending the words of Akin and Mourdock. I defend their right to say it, but it does merit a rebuttal."

Men who love and respect women and choose to support
their (our) freedoms:  I APPLAUD YOU!
I also APPLAUD the chicks who make me PROUD to be in their company;

"Yes, this meme is VERRRRY graphic, IT needs to be! This conversation has been too diluted with light, fancy, silly little meme's, and we really need to discuss what the right wing GOP is truly trying to minimize!"

"rape is rape. only one result of rape could possibly be considered a gift from god: that the cops catch the rapist, the jury prosecute him and that he spend a good long time in prison -- and that the woman not be punished for being raped."

"That made me want to vomit, and it made me cry. I won't share it on my wall- but I'm glad you did. It's a reality that isn't being paid enough attention to... Thank you."

"As a rape survivor, this post is very meaningful to me. The women in these pictures represent what real rape looks like. Rape is violent, ugly, hateful & vicious perpetrated by small, angry, dejected, evil people.
If the men who want to define rape as "legitimate" or as "gods will" really saw the brutality left behind, or god forbid someone they know gets brutally raped....they might change their very antiquated opinions."

"as an er nurse i hae seen way to many sexual assaults and noone deserves to have this happen to them and then turn around and have romney and his cronnies tell you that you can't have and aborotion in the event you become pregnant as your body will not prevent it as some stupid republican men think and then these bozoz want to make it a crime if the poor victims opt for an abortion each of these men should have thier balls taken and then if they try to do anything to fix it they risk going to jail. Equal rights from men that have no clue to a womens needs say no to these idiots."

"Republicans ... here's your chance. You don't all want to be lumped together when the horrendous comments of your party leaders are published ... okay then, denounce them and refute them. Right here, right now. Go ahead ... anything from the bigotry to the persecution of gay people to the condescending attitudes toward women to the uncaring rape comments and anything in between. If you're not against it, you're for it ... so don't whine and moan when you're considered part of the group if you don't speak up."

"If you are unsettled by this or find this disturbing... point made.   Complaining about the use of graphic images... b****, please... you do NOT want to go there.   If the outcome was intended then the act itself was also intended. I don't think that anyone's God would promote rape... so, it doesn't make sense regardless. It's just another way to control women."

"These guys are still trying to dictate healthcare for women. Last time I looked it is my body not theirs. If this is compassionate conservatism saying "even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that is something that God intended to happen." You can have it. It was never said by a woman who had just been raped."
And in what may be my favorite comment ever;
"Here is the problem with the 'God's Plan' argument...because people keep saying he didn't say the 'rape' was a gift...(semantics -sigh-) 'God's Plan' encompasses everything...if the baby was God's plan, then so was the rape, so was the outfit she was wearing, so was the sperm-stained porn shops the rapist hung out in, so was the masterbation over photos of tied up little Asian girls the rapist partook in as a teenager, so was the sexual molestation by the sweaty uncle of the rapist as a four year old was the terrorist attack, so was the Presidential election of a black man, so was the invention of birth control, so was the Supreme Court's determination on Roe V's Wade, so was the birth of a homosexual, so was the falling of a leaf, so was the pregnancy of a single woman, so was a gun shot to the head of a movie watcher, so is the tornado that wiped out your whole trailer park, so is all other religions, so is your anger, so is your debt, so is your inability to find a job, so is all the different colors of skin, so is the cast of The Jerseys Shore, so is your inability to think for your self, so is everything good and bad in this and all worlds....I know it is a habit for religious people to pick-and-choose from their texts, history and facts, but if you are going to use the 'God's Plan' argument then it is all or own up to what 'God' is doing to/for you if you want to believe that all pregnancies come from God, then stop having a conniption fit every time one of them is born out of wedlock; then embrace all babies born... be-it they are black, white, gay, Muslim, poor, murdering, female, liberal...etc. And the next time you get fired, your car breaks down, you stub your toe, get a bad perm, can't get it up, get mugged, or grandma sure to thank God for sticking to his plan.
It isn't just one or two crazy old men accidentally misspeaking, it is the platform and the attitude of the GOP. I hear people say, "I am republican, and I don't believe that way," or "it isn't all republicans." But, what they are in denial of or unaware of is, when you vote for these people, and they are in office, you are saying 'this person represents me; all that I am, all that I want, all that I believe is what this person says and does. I choose to have this person, their friends and their constituents make choices for me, and so does the majority of the people in my district, stateblindly voting for the republican party as if you are loyally rooting for you local home team to victorypainted face, belligerently chanting that they are going to win the superbowl even though you and everyone else knows your home team sucks, and hasn't even made the playoffs in decades. If you don't share these horrific beliefs then don't let them represent you...don't vote for them just because you somehow believe the (R) behind their name is the same (R) behind your's. And, if you truly stand behind the your less repulsively archaic (R), then why arn't you angrier than anyone else for letting these neanderthals hijack your party. I would be feverishly angry if I were being misrepresented the way some of you claim you are"

I didn't have that much room to write on the meme, but I couldn't have said anything better than that.

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