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Thursday, November 10, 2011

~Nittany Nastiness (Dick O' The Day)

(And a day seems woefully short.)

An Open Rant Letter to Nittany Nation~
(and anyone else who's mysteriously found their way to this spot on the web)

If you see a child being raped, in front of your actual eyes, the correct next step is to pick up something heavy and commence to beatin' the shit outta the raper.  What you don't do is walk away and 'tell someone' whos name doesn't begin with 'Officer' or 'Detective'.  You don't worry about losin' your job, saving face (which is just fancy phrasing for 'coververin' up') for a football program, or anything else that bounces around your mind.  You stop it.

Unless you're this big strappin' guy:

(Mike McQueary, current Penn State coach, former Nittany Lion QB who in 2002,
while a grad student saw this lowlife, Jerry Sandusky raping a young boy in the athletic center showers.  And felt his only human responsibility was to report it to school officials, and not to immediately pull Sandusky off of the kid and
begin manually unhinging his limbs from his body.)

If you hear about a member of your staff being a full on, child rapin' perv, you do not distance yourself in such a manor that you can keep "deniability" while allowing the perv to continue on with his pediphilic ways.

Unless you're this guy:

(Joe Paterno [aka: Joe Pa], 84 year old, 46 years as Head Coach at Penn State,
who last week reached 409 wins and did nothing substantive to ensure that his underling, the child raping Jerry Sandusky was stopped and punished for his abusin' ways.  Nothing.  He watched out for his ass.  He watched out for his football program.  He watched out for his legacy.  But didn't watch out for the safety of [so far] 9 known boys over more than 15 years. 
Apparently, to Joe Pa their asses didn't matter.)

And then there were these Penn State fans who after the details of this story broke went to Joe Pa's home to sing alma mater show tunes and show their support for their long time coach?  Please note:  People who put themselves, their own agenda before the safety of any child in the midst of a sexual predator do not deserve "support".  What the fuck is wrong with you? There's sumthin' to be said for having someones back and being loyal n' all.  But is the guy who essentially is a co-conspirator in kiddy sex abuse really the guy who deserves good ol' school loyalty?   You might like what he accomplished for you on the field, but once knowing his personal involvement in this scandal, how in the hell do you rationalize being proud of his affiliation with your school?  His actions are not meritorious of a 'atta boy pat on the back.  You should be disgusted at his "handling" of this situation.  His management of his knowledge of the perv-er-y, while it might not be illegal, it sure as shit isn't the way you'd want to see things handled by someone revered for their judgement and ability to make the right call in the fury of the moment.  (Now imagine instead of it being that kid or those boys it was your child?  ...Still "proud"?)

I certainly don't wanna sound like I'm taking any of the responsibility for such heinous behaviours away from Jerry Sandusky.  But a pedophile is gonna be a pedophile.  It's like asking a tire to be a book.  A tire's job is to be a tire.  And that's just what it's gonna be.  A pedophiles job is to be a an oughta be caught, strapped down, stripped and taken to aggressively with a potato peeler until a bloody, pulpy mess pedophile.  I can't expect him to not be a monster.  But I do expect that my fellow bi-peds with a soul and IQ greater than 43 will not be monsters themselves with an astonishing inadequate response.  (<-- And that's the fuckin' minimum level of my expectations.)

To the "Ya never know what you'd do" peeps.  Fuck.  Off.  Wait.  You're right.  Ya don't ever know what you'd do in a situation.  For instance, I don't know if I would have picked up a baseball bat and started a whalin' on Jerry Sandusky's head, or if I would have efficiently simply double tapped him in the dome.  ...So ya really don't know what you'd do.  But the rest of us decent people know what we wouldn't have done.  We wouldn't have walked away while some wet kid stood in a shower being used as a sex toy for some old, skeeved out perv abusing his standing, power, and an actual human being.  We wouldn't have sat in silence while this guy had another 15 years of access to unsuspecting kids and their families.  

It was announced that Joe Pa would *retire* at the end of the season.  Apparently, that was the deal struck by Penn State and their head coach.  Penn State leadership should be embarrassed by the message that sends.  Allowing someone who chose to go unethical and unconscionable routes under the color of your school to stay on to coach out the final games of a season is a both a tacit and yet repulsively overt endorsement of his choices and actions.  Would Joe Pa being drummed out tonight be fair to the team?  Hell no.  But it would certainly send a message that child safety, integrity and respect for the honor of the institution is paramount.  And that failing to uphold those tenants is not acceptable.  Period.  While it might not be fair it is the right thing to do.  <--...A lil' sumthin' Penn State could use more of right now.

(Evidently, as I was typing this post last night, Penn State administration clued into this fact and canned Joe Pa.  The result?  Riot police being deployed [click here])

Until now, I've had nothing against our Big 10 brethren.  I had mad respect for a coach who's been at the helm at such an elite level for such a long time, and with such a winning record.  But I've said it before.  I'm sayin' it now.  And unfortunately, I'm sure I'll end up sayin' it again...  Decisions people.  DECISIONS.  I don't know why all of them had to be so poor, cowardly and short sided in this case.  But they were. 

So Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno, Mike McQueary, Tim Curley, Gary Schultz (click here) et al:

(In fact.  I know you are.)

Usually, I like to have a corresponding Gold Star of the day.  A little yin to wash tthe dumbass yang of Dick O' the Day off of ya.  But it would take a platoon to compensate for the ick factor of today's yang.  Therefore, today's Gold Star of the day: Marines (Happy 236 Birthday USMC)! 


Thursday, June 30, 2011

~Dick O' The Day/Gold Star

I haven't handed out a Dick O' The Day award in a while.  Although NOT for a lack of a myriad of viable potential recipients.  Today I rectify that situation:

In daaaaaaaamn, that's pretty fuckin' drunk news

As to not be a stone thrower, lemme say that A) drunk driving is wrong, bad and dangerous.  2)  That if you've ever been out and had a couple of beers and headed home, you know this is a 'there but for the grace of God' thing.  ...Of course, ya also gotta admit that being one over and still thinking your ok to maneuver your motor vehicle is one (bad) thing and the drunkeness needed to be able to drive completely unaware that Bernnie is in the car with ya, is a horse of another color and requires a special kinda set of dick making decision skills. 

Also outta Don't Mess With, and because I like a little yin with my yang:

Being from a non NBA part of the my state, I don't follow too much about anyone or anything associated with it.  Therefore, I have no feelings about new champs/Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.   After seeing this:  Mark Cuban Pledges Reward in Rape Case  It's a statement I can no longer make.  Good on ya Mark Cuban-  Gold Star!!

Don't be a dick. 
Go for the gold.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

~The 3 Things Last Friday Brought Me

  1. My first gray eyebrow hair.
  2. My period.
  3. Double D coming home to tell me he'd quit his job and was moving to Virginia Beach next weekend.

Ok, technically, the whole period thing was not really a surprise...

I did however, sit there stunned as he held my hand and said, "I have something big to tell you" as it was followed with the news.  I sit here still stunned as I type this.  'Unbelieveable' (fine.  unfuckingbelievable) is the only word I have for what has happened over the past few days.

Where to start?

I had 8 months and 5 days of some of the best times of my life with him.  We talked often of how easy everything was between us, how we were just in sync and how fortunate we were to have found one another.  We had meshed our lives together; families, friends, living arrangements.  We had had discussions on the subject of if we felt we might have the legs for a forever thing.

So, that's what it was like for anyone who's just coming in on this tale.  Of now,  woe. 

When we met he was hours away from visiting his brother in Virginia Beach for a three day birthday trek.  He told me early on that his plan was to move there in September.  However, he met me, we clicked and were serious pretty quick, so by September/October after consideration he decided to stay in Ohio, and with me.   

While I was obviously pleased about his decision, during our discussions in the fall about it, I had flat out told him that going to Virginia Beach for me, at this time was impossible due to family situations and other responsibilities currently in play.  But, that I wasn't wholly opposed to the concept, and that in the future as long as we were as happy as we are that it would definitely be a possibility for me.  That I'd grown to care for him and it would hurt my heart a bit, but that he was in charge of himself and ultimately the decision to stay, or go was entirely his.  'Cause that's how I roll.  I'm a pretty much, just say it type girl, ya know?

Flash forward to Friday.  Horrible, horrible Friday. 

I'd never known him to be anything other than respectful, kind, thoughtful and loving.  Not one second of the every day we'd spent together since July.    Until that night. 

Obviously, I was so hurt that he had made this unilateral decision without word fucking one, any discussion with me.  I mean?  Who does that?  A: People who regardless of what their words say, don't hold you in high regard do that shit.  I was shocked by the news.  I was shocked by his behavior.

We spent the next 48 hours in some hazy land of me trying to understand what the fuck was happening and why, and him talking but never really providing a reasonable explanation of how we were ending up here. 

He spoke a lot of words about, "you and the kids being the only things that make me want to stay", and about "us having so much promise together", and about "love".  The only thing that kept flowing through my mind was, "...and you've picked a fucking place over all of those things, and me."  He even tossed out sentences like, "we can do the long distance thing". 

But at the end of the day actions speak louder than words, and really, all of those words still said;  I picked a fuckin' place over you, oh and by the way, without even bothering to fucking mention it to you until 7 days before I go.  

And there's nothing on the up and up about that.  No matter how you cut it or try to spin it. 

(Dear Cold hard truth,
I see you.  You suck.   I hate you.

Exhausted, I stopped trying to figure out the why's and focused in on the what he'd done. 

And what he'd done was most certainly made a decision, and a decision on how to handle it in a way that was decidedly unkind, and as I later put it to him, "showed nothing to me but a lack of regard, feeling or integrity".  And that regardless of his words, that his actions and behaviors displayed that he, "couldn't have made the decisions [he] did, and handled things in such a way to be so hurtful and have taken my feelings into account.  A person just could not put this into play and come from a place of love.  This came from selfishness, cowardice and shortsightedness."  Fucking stupidity.

I don't want you to think he's a bad guy.  I mean he did do me a favor, as he pointed out when he said, "at least I didn't come home and just pack up one day."  Sooooooooo congratulations Double D:

My actual response was that, "right, cause that's what's makin' you honorable here..." 

Yep.  At least you didn't do that. Gold fuckin' star. There were 67 thousand other ways you could have made it to Virginia Beach, all of which started with a conversation with me about it actively being back in your mind as a desire, and no longer a "in the future" thing instead of what you ultimately did do.

By Sunday he'd made arrangements with a few of his friends to come get his boxed up stuff to be moved, and was having lunch with one of his kids.  I told him to tell them how much I'd miss 'em.  

I was at home thinking about the entirety of the situation he'd created.

At that point, I'd been put in a corner.  A position where I felt my only options were to be a doormat or a bitch.  (A craptastic rock and hard place to be put into, btw.)  Then one of my favorite quotes crossed my mind, "you deserve what you accept".  And I knew that I didn't deserve anything that had happened the previous 48 hours.  I knew that I had to get with the program of the new standard of conduct he had established two days ago, that because it was a done deal-- as much as it came completely out of the blue and sucked and made zero sense, what else can ya do?  It is.  Ya know?

I felt like the only choice I had in the whole unpleasant and unnecessary situation was to decide if I was going to have him staying here, for the next miserable 5 days, me vacillating between being sad, intermittently angry, and wanting him to hug me up and say he was making a terrible mistake (the doormat option) or (the only other option that was left) and just going ahead and making the decision to put an end to this nonsense now.  The bandaid was coming off due to his actions, I was left with deciding to rip the bandaid off, instead of slooooowly tearing it off.  I made the choice not to sanction his actions, not to send the message that what had transpired was in anyway, by any one's assessment, ok.  My heart didn't want to make that decision, but my brain knew it was the appropriate thing to do.  

So there's fucking that.

Oh, and Saturday?  Well, Saturday I somehow was startled and kicked something under my desk and broke the nail out of my, 'this little piggy went home' toe.  So.  Ya know.  There's that too.  Just in time for flip flop season and my toe nail may be actually falling off. 

Wow, things are fucked up awesome.



Thursday, February 17, 2011

~I'm Sorry? Who's An Idiot?!?

Behold the hub and bub our Governor has brought on himself:

Needless to say,  as the daughter of two officers, and the girl of my very own badge carryin' Double D, I didn't take too kindly to Governor Kasich's comments. 

Now before I got all judge-y,  I took a peek at the dash cam video of the CPD stop of Governor Kasich:

As you can see, the white car in the #3 lane (the lane closest to the right berm) does appear to have ample opportunity and spacing of lane #2 traffic to have yielded (or slowed, which you also don't see him hit his breaks), as required by Ohio law when coming upon a safety vehicle (po-po, fire, tow truck, etc.) pulled to the side in service. 
I love Governor Kasich's excuse of, 'I didn't see him'.  Let's see...lying (or being recklessly unaware of your surroundings while operating a motor vehicle and/or the law) and calling out a Police Officer who puts his life on the line each shift as an "idiot" for, ya know, upholding the laws of our state.  Excellent week Mr. Kasich.  Your parents must be proud.
And I am left to award you the Dick O' The Day.  Congratulations.

A friend, and better person than I am, crafted this, what I found to be superb letter.  She's an author, so notice how she skillfully manages to not use the word, "dick" as she lets her feelings be known;

Dear Mr. Kasich,
I'm having a hard time writing this letter because I was raised to not say anything at all if I can't say anything nice. My blood is boiling but I'll try to be professional about this--even though you don't exercise the same restraint.

I'm sickened by your attitude toward police officers. An attitude I'm sure you put aside when you have to call 911 and actually need them for something. Or want an endorsement from the FOP.

People (and this includes you, Mr. Kasich) want a society ruled by laws, yet when those laws must be enforced, you get angry. I don't get it. Doesn't being governor mean you are part of the judicial system? And yet you denegrate the very system you were elected to uphold.

The police officer was doing his job. You were not following the law. Sounds cut and dried to me. Follow the law, Mr. Kasich, and stuff like this won't happen. That's what I tell my kids. If you just follow the rules, life is easier. I guess you haven't grown up enough to realize that yet. Or maybe you have but find yourself above the law?

Remember Deputy Sheriff Suzanne Hopper and the dozens of other officers who walked into the line of fire this year alone and paid the ultimate price to keep people like you safe. What a slap in the face to their memory.

I hear you are going to apologize. You're three years too late, Mr. Kasich. It means nothing--the damage has been done. If I were that officer, I wouldn't accept your apology but he probably will because he's a better person than me. And a much better person than you.

I am a life-long Republican and I voted for you. I won't be making that mistake again. Fool me once, Mr. Kasich.

Sharon Cullen
wife of a Police Officer

Because I like to balance out the yin and yang, my absolute kudos to some young cat called, Davante' Goins (who, although I loathe his name, that's my bone to pick with his parents).  Young Mr. Goins is a local 15 year old on a mission that I whole heartidly endorse.  God bless him, his spirit and his commitment to our service men and women.   Check him out:

If you too find yourself moved by this teen patriot, his website is:
Davante' Goins, Gold Star!  Unlike our Governor, you are an Ohioan that makes me proud.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

~Gold Star: Southwest/ You're A Dick: That Guy

Several things strike me about this story.  The fact that reasonable judgement, and what one would think would fall under 'general human kindness' is such a big deal because it has become all too uncommon these days, is probably the greatest.  Sad, but true. 

"Rules", either enforced in society or self imposed, are mainly there to keep the system working. To keep we, the people from gunkin' up the works.  To make sure we don't die, or to keep someone else from hitting us in the head with a brick because we're doin' sumthin' stupid. Or some other valid reason.

But there are times and situations where right and reasonable should superseded the rules.

Southwest pilot who told the passenger, "We held the plane for you and we’re so sorry about the loss of your grandson. They can’t go anywhere without me and I wasn’t going anywhere without you. Now relax. We’ll get you there. And again, I’m so sorry." ...See, he understood. And was sensible and brave enough to do the right thing when many wouldn't have.  It took 12 minutes and a good character to do something reasonable and right. It does make me wonder how so many others just don't get it? 

The person who cards me when I buy smokes? --And I know this is trivial in comparison... He does not get it. Super duper that I might look younger than my internal rings, but no one with the ability to fire a synapse and rub a lil' gray matter together perceives that I might be under 18. Hence, displaying a colossal lack of common sense (and time waisting) vs. "the rules", on his part. I say; Fail.

I not railin' against rules, I'm railin' for common sense, decency, fairness and compassion for the others. I mean, "do un to others" is a doable thing, ya know?  Good on Southwest pilot for showing it.  Gold Star!

In yin to that yang news:

The newly sworn in Governor of Alabama, on MLK day none-the-less, included the following statement in his inaugural speech:

''Now I will have to say that, if we don't have the same daddy, we're not brothers and sisters," he continued. "So anybody here today who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, I'm telling you, you're not my brother and you're not my sister, and I want to be your brother."

Wow. Nuthin' says, 'I'd like this guy to be my brother' better than the winning combo of intolerance, condescension and judge-yness. Spectacular Governor, your parents must be proud. Dumbass.

P.S.   Happy Birthday to my friend, codename Jeffery Dalmher.


Monday, December 13, 2010

~Dick O' The Day

I, as the moniker Big Brown Girl, infers, have boobs. Hooters. Jugs. So I admittedly have only a moderate interest in sports. I know, I know some women truly enjoy sports for the sport of 'em. But most girls who own a team jersey, watch games, or keep up with athletic factoids are doin' it for social reasons*; They hang with people who really like sports. Um, like, guys.

Oppsies. Did I let the cat outta the bag?!? Sorry ladies.

This morning, after watching more NFL football than I would have had Double D not been watchin' football (See. Point proved! Exhibit A: BBG) as 4" of white death gripped the area, (Sidenote: Really?!? 4"...we are pussies. Sorry my fellow central Ohioans. It's four fuckin' inches. It's nearly winter. And it's Ohio. Too many people and media make each snow event out to be the possible second apocalypse. Suck it up!), I spied this story:

Earning, Jet strength and conditioning guy, Sal Alosi the BBGWorld's very first ever Dick O' The Day Award. Impressive display of your character Sal. Your parent's must be proud.

In the name of even Steven-ness, I now award the very first ever Gold Star Award to the cat who the "esteemed" Mr. Alosi tripped, Dolphin, Nolan Carroll. Given due to his measured, mature reaction of, "I'm not angry. "It's not my problem; it's the Jets' problem. We just move on." Kudos. That's the kinda world I want to live in, not the malicious world of Alosi's spirit.

Well... on with my day. I hope this is the only dick experience you have today, of course, unless you have one or are gettin' some today. Then have at it. And whooo hoo!

(* Me? I do it mainly because A) I'm the curious sort and like being up on scads of current events. 2) I like knowing I have something to talk about with anyone, regardless of their interest. ...And yes, because my guy likes sports.)

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