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Monday, October 25, 2010

~Dear Buckeyes

Dear Buckeye's~
Thanks for the 49 to zip win over Purdue this past weekend. And for not making me go down to campus to torch a couch.

P.S. Every week more and more like him. I'm just sayin'...


Sunday, October 17, 2010

~Game Day Highlights (OSU vs WI)

Going into game day, the Buckeyes were ranked (AP) numero uno. Highlight.

Somp was in from LA, fun and frivolity were on tap with the planned game watching/drinking/visiting with people I don't see nearly enough. Super highlight.

Spied this wicked cool tricked out VW Beetle:

Surprise light.

Again we found ourselves with one of those outstanding days I love during the fall. Sunny. Crisp ass, not a cloud in sight, blue skies. ThankyouMotherNature light.

I had already found myself uneasy heading into this game. Those tree trunks those cheese heads grow up there are bastards on the field. And that Camp Randall is a bitch. I've never been, I've been to Madison (interesting place on the map), but not to see a game. But I've heard from only everyone I know, who has been there to a game, that it is practically hell on earth. badger fan is of the frozen marsh mellow, coin and/or battery thowin' ilk.

I'm 100% confident that there are asshole OSU fans roamin' the globe, but as a mob our SOP isn't throwin' shit at your melon, ya know? The worst thing I'm doin' when I'm reeeeally trash talkin' another team's fan is stick my tongue out. Sure, it might be accompanied with a "you low down and dirty (insert team name here) muther fucka". (It's also accompanied with a smile. I'm not a complete bitch.) But I've never tossed anything towards a dome! I'm just sayin'...

Speaking of tongues...

Somp's famous butt tongue. No matter how old I get, or how long I've known her, that is always funny to me!

It's a rough environment. And even a #18th ranked Wisconsin can give a team t-r-o-u-b-l-e (my Travis Tritt homage for the day, check.).

I started the day before, with this FB posting:

Moi: Ok Bobby Brown, (aka: Terrelle Pryor. I'm tellin' you he's lookin' more like the ex New Edition-er every week.) get this done tomorrow. Camp Randall can be a bad, bad place, but please make it your prerogative to pull out a W. Deal? ♥ ~BBG

BC: Wisconsin has beaten the following: Austin Pea,San Ho Say, Nevada Las Vegas, the dirt devils, and Minnetonka - and they lost to the only team they played with a winning record - by ten points. sleep well brown girl.

With his ability to always know what's what, I took solace in his words and dialed it down a notch. (I'm not holding sumthin' outta your control against you, BC)

Things started out well. National Anthem was played. No one died running outta the tunnels. About the time the clock on the field actually started, things took a significant downward trajectory, as the badgers scored on the kickoff. Yeah. So there's that.

It just got worse and worse form there. At some point I turned and told KCB that I just wanted to break my beer bottle on the side of the table and start jabbin' at people. To KCB's great credit, she didn't even slide her chair over even a wee bit. KCB is fun. The game? Well it was just an awful, awful game for a Buckeye fan. Good grief Charlie Brown.

And because the final score put a decisive W in the Wisconsin column, that now concludes my highlights of the game.

I did take the opportunity to try my very first bite of a Boca burger. As I expressed at the time, under the truthful influence of Beam, "if it stood between me and outright starvation, I'd eat it, but otherwise, I'd never have another bite." Under the grasp of bloody Mary truthiness, KCB chimed in that they taste "like butt". As I chewed and swallowed, I couldn't really disagree with her.

...I'd eat it before I'd starve, probably isn't the best possible tag line for Boca.

As for the outcome of the game? It both sucks and blows. Hangin' with so many of my favorite peeps, however, was deeeelightful.

Note to Buckeyes:
Please win. You know what it's like around here. One loss practically kills us. Granted, it wasn't to michigan, which sends the city into a great depression lasting months. But serious biz, get it together now. *I'm not too old to set a couch on fire.

(* Probably)


Thursday, September 2, 2010

~Let's Get It Started

Kids, I am on pins and needles!!!

This morning finds me just hours away from the OSU football season kickoff. I can't wait. And I find myself repeating the mantra, "nooooooo Appalachian State...noooooooo Appalachian State...".

The Buckeyes meet Marshall in the '10 season opener. Most people seem to be pretty confident in a win, but I'm one of those never-forgetters.

I remember the sheer glee and hysterical laughter I experienced as I watched michigan stunned as some lil' ol' kids from AppState handed them their balls back in a purse at the end of the 4th Q a few years ago.

I remember that Tuesday after Labor Day returning to the office, on a 85 degree day to see a guy proudly sporting an AppState sweatshirt. Yes. SWEATSHIRT. He, clearly, felt his physical comfort was a small price to pay for public mockery of that team up north. (North 'til ya smell it, west 'til ya step in it) That's how hard core happy he was that michigan went down.

Damn. It still puts a smile on my face. It was the pentacle of schadenfreude for a Buckeye fan. So much so, that I error on the other side of complete unease at the prospect of meeting, who some consider a "gimme". Personally, I respect the Herd.

Fingers cross. Prayer said. Buckeye in hand, Thursday night is a goooood kick off to the long weekend.

'Round these parts, I know 2 year olds who know this lil' ditty, but in case you don't I've pulled the subtitled version. Enjoy!

O to tha' H people!!

Go Bucks!

(say it with me now: noooooo AppState....nooooooo AppState...nooooooo AppState)

P.S. I'm also thinkin' good footbally thoughts for my other fave college team, the one the only The Fightin' Irish. Go ND! (What kinda Catholic roots against God's team?!? Not moi. Let's face it, it may be my only shot to get into heaven.)

Update: Buckeyes & ND won!!


Monday, January 4, 2010

~Merci Coach Tressel!!

In the heart of it all, within a two hour drive north or south one will find professional sports. The land o' Cleves' offers up it's Cavilers, Browns and Indians. Point your car in the opposite direction and you will find my personal faves, the Reds and Bengals. Yes. I am fully aware that backing the Bengals is an ongoing lesson in humility and coming to grips with dealing with loss. Well, unless you some how manage to delude yourself that it's still the hey day of Kenny Anderson, Boomer Esiason and Mr. Shuffle himself, Icky Woods, as I do. In the real world, people refer to your team as the Bungles. A moniker I can hardly make an argument against in years of late, but I digress.

In the center of the state you will find THE Ohio State University. In fact, a whole 15 minutes away from my front door you can step foot on the hallowed grounds Woody once walked. Oh, sure, if I drive an additional 5 minutes I can find our only truly pro team, The Columbus Bluejackets. They're kinda cool. I mean, while the game is wickedly fast, too fast for me to keep up with given my limited understanding of hockey. Hitting a game is fun. There's beer. There are guys zoomin' around on surgically sharp skates lookin' for an opportunity to drop the gloves. And there is the Zamboni. All-in-all a pretty good time.

But at the end of the day, this is Ohio. The land of corn fed kids, raised on the religion of football. And in Ohio, particularly, central Ohio, football...OSU football is pro sports. Until about a decade ago when the NHL expanded and dropped the Bluejackets in our lap, OSU was literally the only game in town.

We take our Buckeye football seriously. If you've ever met a Buckeye fan, you know that this is a complete and utter understatement of the facts.

You've seen us. Decked out in too much scarlet. Donning more OSU logos at one time than are allowed by the laws of fashion and good taste. Sportin' lil brown (buckeye) nuts strung together in necklaces or brackets. We own enough variations and classifications of scarlet and gray that we can show our support at the bar down the street, or in the board room. On game days we have a block O temp tattoo on our cheeks. Some may have special glittery gray game day glasses. We are unabashedly unbridled in our support of our team. It's a sickness really. Perhaps attributed to some additive in our local water? I don't know.

While the past several years have brought more wins than losses. In the era of Coach Jim Tressel OSU is 94-21, which by any one's standard is good. To a Buckeye fan the only litmus is the record vs. michigan (8-1, under our savior, Coach T) and how they fair in post season. Anything other than those two markers is quickly deemed, unimportant by people in these parts. Post season has been a doozie of late.

I have experienced the pure unadulterated dejection of starting off a new year with a big dance loss. '08 brought a loss to LSU for the National Championship. '07 brought a loss to the Gators, again, in the National Championship game. (And actual tears from the guy who I was dating at the time. 6 year old, lil' girl tears...) The losses were bad. Mostly because, for a girl, I am a world class trash talker. I know, I know, what gives me the right to label myself 'world class;? Well, when the day after the national stage games, CIO's and CFO's of Fortune 500 companies are lining up on the phone (and email box) to dish it out because your team lost, you know I'm doing something at an elite level! I'm not down on those guys. I'm the first to admit, I would have been the first voice they heard had things broken my way. Yep. I'm that girl. While that ramification is bad...

...The worst part is waking up on the eighth day of a new year, knowing your team is a looser on a nationwide level, and knowing you'll have to live with that until August/September until your team has a chance to hit the gridiron and gain some redemption. And that my friends, is a long ass time to be bitter about your team's performance.

Needless to say, this New Year Day as the tv showed me floats made of flowers, I found myself somewhat on edge about the impending Rose Bowl match up of OSU and the Oregon Ducks (btw, I know this takes a lot of nerve outta someone who backs a team who's mascot is a nut, but serious biz, what the hell kinda mascot is a duck?!?) later in the day. Pins and needles was the order of the day. Oh, and shots of Beam.

Thankfully, for my psychological well being, and outlook for the next 8-9 months the Buckeyes brought home the victory. Roses for all of my friends!!! To be the mocker and not the mockee? the credit card commercial goes; priceless. A perceptible weight has been taken off of my shoulders. Sure it's a high of 16 degrees and snowing, but I feel like I'm walkin' on sunshine. And it does feel gooooood.

So thank you Buckeye's. Job well done. Now this is what I call the startings of a happy new year. My wait for the next kick off is infinitely more pleasant that the past couple of years. I no longer have to harken back to the '06 Fiesta Bowl win over Notre Dame for a taste of the good ol' glory days. Woody would be happy. I am happy. Thank you! And as always, Go Bucks!!

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