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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

~ Dear Po Po

As a copkid, I gotta tell ya, nobody wants to type this less than I do.  I have had more conversations backing your play than I could ever begin to accurately calculate.  The little girl who was so proud of her Mom and Dad for bein' badge wearin' badasses?  I remember her.  Mostly because I saw her the last time I passed a reflective surface.  No matter how much gray sets in or how many fine lines I spy, that lil' girl who thinks she comes from near superhero stock because her folks were cops gawks back.  I make it a habit to give shit to any and all fire people I encounter.  Two words:  General principal.  No matter how many gallons of blood I've donated I'm still a bit surprised when I look down and don't see blue filling up the bag.  I am the epitome of a leave the dance with the one who brought ya kinda girl.

Any presupposed notion that I have an axe to grind with the Po-Po is the plot line of your narrative, not mine.  Don'tcha hate when bloggers say things online that they can't backup?  Yeah, me too.  Boom

In fact, what I'm about to ramble say, I say out of a lifetime of love, understanding and respect, and a desire for this?  This climate?  This moment of time?  This way you're being looked at by the public?  This extra nutting up you must have to do these days to do an already supremely difficult job?  ...A true desire for all of this to be over.

I know you think the public has turned on you.  Whenever police are the worst conversations come up I often end up saying something classy along the lines of, 'now that you know this, that 'n the other about a situation put yourself in a LEO's shoes?  What the fuck different do you do?'   --Sometimes a 'viewpoint' is just a lack of earnestly looking at something from the other side.  Personally, I always find it a pretty shitty way to formulate a viewpoint about the 5-Oh, but I also find it a pretty shitty way to formulate a viewpoint about the public outta LE.

Seeing an issue takes eyesight.
Understanding an issue takes perspective. 
And not just your own.

It's a mistake many of you are making.

Please!  I implore you, stop looking at this as a them (civilians) against us (LE) thing.  Yes, I know 20 times a shift you're getting lots of feedback that feels and looks very Us vs. Them.  I swear to you, it's not.  This is a You vs. You thing. 

There is no solution to the protests, side-eyes and criticism you're experiencing that civilians have any control over.  None. 

Think about it.  Hands upping and #ICantBreathe-ing isn't an outcry for LE to turn into hug giving, daisy and crystal carrying softies.  It's not about hatred for the police, although some people are going to hate ya solely because you sport a badge- - some always have and I suspect some always will.  They are known as assholes.   It's a demonstration of the public wanting to see LE practices, procedures and training reflective of a system that does everything possible to avoid unnecessarily killing people.   Yes.  I said 'unnecessarily'.  I fully acknowledge the danger of the job and that sometimes a bad guy gotta die.  When my guy used to Sam Browne 'n vest it up I always sent him away with a reminder that, "you are to come home."  [BBGW post: Shoot Anybody You Have To]  He knew I loved him.  As he hit the streets I needed him to know that whatever popped off that shift, whatever had to happen for him to return to me was what had to fuckin' happen.  Period.  Full stop. People understand necessary deaths.  Ahem.  Reasonable people understand that some situations unfold in a manner that practically precludes anything other than a crim dying from being the outcome.  Those same reasonable people, I, expect that those instances are the result of their bad decisions.  Not that they're the result of your bad decisions.  (Not you specifically, LE-er/random blog stumble on-er.  For the Official Record, I believe that you are probably a part of the overwhelmingly vast majority of law enforcement that is comprised of well intentioned, honorable, kind, brave people called to serve their communities, to keep their neighbors safe and within the bounds of law and order.)  Again, who is best positioned to fix the unnecessary kills at the hands of LE, you or soccer mom Suzi standing on the street with a sign?  My apologies to Suzi's and soccer moms.

What you are actually seeing is an intervention.  You can deny and deflect, or you can choose to recognize that there's a problem that others see very clearly needs addressing. 
Which are you doing?

I hate to sound like I'm Monday morning quarterbacking, it's not my intention.  It's also not my intention to be anything other than (fingers crossed) insightful/helpful as you navigate the collective relationship status update large parts of the public have recently alerted you to. 

Obviously, I'm not the arbiter of what legally constitutes an unjustified kill.  But I have eyes.  And common sense.  And both tell me that with five? Six officers on the scene?  There were other outcomes which didn't involve a man dead.  As anyone with an internet connection can see this wasn't a time sensitive situation that simply stood no chance of de-escalating, where the only solution was going to ground and choke-holding, this wasn't a terrorist with a kill switch, this was a big ass guy selling single cigs on the sidewalk.  Look.   I get that like tango it takes two (or more) to escalate a situation.  But I also get that it's a crims job to be a crim (with all of the dumbassery, poor impulse control and bad decision making skills that accompany it) and it's LE's job to be the professionals in any and every situation that comes down the pike.  LE is trained in de-escalating, it, like qualifying, and paperwork is part of the job.   Having an actual snuff film featuring a failure to handle what probably could should have been the most minor interaction any of those officers had with a criminal element that day, going viral and the subsequent protest is not a sign that they are off the rails.  Give any 'yeah, but' response ya want, my answer would be the same--   Is that how you'd want your loosey slingin' family member to to be managed by the police if they were at the same level of agitation?  Every MOS has that family member.  (Full disclosure:  Mine was a cousin by marriage who got pinched on drug charges.  My Dad had to arrest him.  'Had' is disingenuous phrasing.  He didn't have to, any number of others could have, I think he thought his presence would make a difficult situation go down easier.  Needless to say Christmas's after that were awkward.  j/k.  We didn't Christmas together before.  There is also a distant family member arrested for shoplifting meat from a grocery.  I'm just sayin';  We all got 'em.  If one draws down on LE, of course you expect they'll be unloaded on.  But you can't deny that you too would expect them to survive a LE encounter over a minor violation that doesn't include your kin tryin' to get lethal with LE.)     

If the protesters want no more than what your expectation of good policing would look like when applied to your family?  Are you starting to see how this has nothing to do with them, and everything to do with how Team Us is collectively conducting itself?

To get suddenly succinct?  Police your own brass and all of Team Them goes away. 

If you're not inclined to listen to some random blogger listen to @ChiefBlackwell:

Obviously, you are not responsible for any one other than yourself.  Again, most reasonable people understand this.  However, much like when you're working and you know who needs to get locked up, but you jusssssst need some wit to speak the fuck up to be able to start to fix whatever problem you've responded to--   You have to be the person to speak the fuck up in this situation, that is, if you wanna fix the sitch and return to your rightful place of being a looked at as the badasses you are, and not the bad asses we see played out too cringeworthingly often on the news. 

Instead of reacting like protesters have some kinda unmitigated fuckin' gall being outraged, consider why they have so much to be outraged about?

Stop giving people ammunition to be used against you.  If you don't want significant portions of the population to think you are a bunch out of control, bunch together to put a stop to out of control behavior.  What you see that never makes the news, people can't even imagine.  But look at the videos of late that leave nuthin' to the imagination...  Eric Garner12 y/o Tamir Rice.  John CrawfordMarcus JeterLevar Jones.  Marlene PinnockAlbert Flowers.   Officer punching child ...You can't objectively look at those and really wonder how Team Them arrived at suspicion, anger and protest.  I guess, ya can.  Look, it's fillin' up my feeds, but I sure as shit don't recommend it if your looking for perspective and an end to this.  Now, ya might not like how protesters are going about displaying their disdain over what they've seen, but you don't get to pick other people's reactions.  Ever.  But specifically when you've devised, instituted and sanction, either tacitly or expressly what it is they are reacting to.  Ya can't give someone sour milk and then be angry that they don't like getting sour milk, and angry that they puked on your shoe, ya know?  Bottom line is if they have nothing to be up in arms about, then you won't see hands up, et al type reactions.   

This shit?  Is not the way to bolster benevolence from the public. 
It is a great way to ensure hard feelings, skepticism and animosity. 
It's a fantastic way to breed contempt in the communities you serve, and not with the assholes are never going to like you but with the solid citizens who want to have your back-- the people you count on the most aside from your fellow officers.  You're moving the line from hard to almost impossible to back you for too damn many Americans.     

It's 2014.  There are cameras e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. 
Act like you understand that. 
(Please Note:  The threat of a viral video shouldn't be the
deterrent to dickhead deeds.  Decency should be.)

As things are, and just so we're clear, here's where we are...  One of my friends is also a copkid [actually, several are] her father recently tried to dissuade his grandchild from considering a career in LE.  Now, I've never known this man to be anything other than proud of his service to his community.  Proud of his profession.  (As he fuckin' ought to be.)  And he's tryin' to talk his grandkid outta badging up.  Not because he's afraid for the kid's safety.  But because he doesn't see any ebb to this current flow of mounting distrust of LE and doesn't want his family member to have to be painted with that brush. 

Maybe I'm na├»ve, but I believe I think the tide can be turned.  You just have to turn it.  Bad apple practices, procedures and people gotta go.  If your expectation level is that community members have to nut up and help solve a problem in their house/'hood, what would make the LE house/'hood any different? 

A giant step towards nutting up and solving the problems at your doorstep?  This:

As much as many of you would like this not to be a race thing.  In large part it simply is.  Look.  Yes, racism exists in every profession.  And if you aren't a racist, congratulations, you have met one of the bare minimum requirements the public looks for in a law official, and a decent human.  But institutionalized racism doesn't exists without people within the institution lookin' the other way, whether intentionally or out of ignorance.  Regardless, when there is actual evidence (see what I did there?) proving that race adversely impacts the interactions with LE at a disproportionately and disturbingly high level to the detriment of people of color, the U.S.S. BenefitOfTheDoubt has already sailed.  If you're busy denying racism within the ranks you're not adept at taking in clues and are in the wrong job. 

Denying something doesn't make it not so, or better. 
Acknowledging something doesn't make it worse, but it is the first step in fixing it.
If you're not willing to do anything about it you're definitely in the wrong job.  (5-O Fact:  Pussin' out is not a desirable attribute in an officer.)  It's not that people expect that LE should somehow magically be exempt from having bigots in the bunch.  Although you'd have a lot less shit to deal with if magic worked that way. It's not that people somehow think every other profession might/could have racists but LE is the only place the phenomena doesn't exists.  It's that the public expects that you will protect them against that too.  Clearly, that's not the experience of too fucking many citizens. (Or, apparently, fellow officers.)  Reminder:  That's not a Team Them issue to solve.  Team Them being fed up with it isn't the problem.  Media coverage of it isn't the problem.  Hashtactivist aren't the problem.  Too many good cops sitting silently as the dregs degrade the profession is the problem.  Don't be that badge.  Don't let others get away with bein' that badge on your watch.  It doesn't make you a loyal cop.  It makes you a weak one.  And a hypocritical one the next time you're pushing someone to tell the dirt on some sumbag they have knowledge of and you're nine kinds of pissed when they don't. 

I know you think this is a protest.  But if you look it really is an intervention.  As I glance at this long ass and curse-y post (honestly, through a few tears) I realize it's nothing more than that letter you see on TV being read by a family member who wants nothing more than to help to try to coax their loved one to be the best they can be, to help pull them from the grips of what plagues them.  The people on the street?  They might not think of you like family as I do, maybe they'd never sit ya down and have a heart to heart with ya like a good friend would like I sincerely am attempting to be, but make no mistake, no matter how you're seeing the message phrased or framed, no matter how much you don't want to hear that noise all Team Them wants is the same thing the same thing I do--  For this not to be.  For your reputation to be beyond reproach.  For all citizens to consider you their safety and not question if you are their danger.  (The exact same things you should want.)  As with all interventions, regardless of how much others desire *goodness* for you?  This battle to bring that to fruition is ultimately yours.   And I sure hope you want it as much as I do for ya.   I don't know what will happen if you don't.  This is a fulcrum moment.  Please tip yourselves away from the bad apple-ing that is rotting what should always be considered one of the noblest of titles, Police Officer. 

~ BBG 


Monday, April 22, 2013

~Support Our Troops & Screw The Five-O: It's The American Way (...But It Shouldn't Be)

I find myself a bit perplexed when people tell me how much they love, respect and support our military.

They're always so impressed by these men and women who take an oath to put their lives on the line in order to protect us and to serve us, often with split seconds decisions with life and death consequences.

'Hero' is a word quickly tossed about when military members are being discussed. Parades and community gatherings are organized when they leave/return home (for) from duty to show our respect for their commitment to our safety and the service they provide to help ensure our way of life. They are so beloved that literally millions of Americans sport one of these on their car, t-shirt or hanging in front of their house:

I find it so perplexing because so frequently those exact same folks have no compunction about spoutin' off about what assholes the police are.

You know the Po-po, aka: those cats and chicks who took an oath to put their lives on the line in order to protect us and serve our communities, often with split seconds decisions with life and death consequences. (tap, tap, tap)...sumthin' seems familiar Those people who as soon as one of them does something heroic that gets picked up by the news know that his/her label of hero will come with an asterisk to a substantial percentage of the population.

As in; hero* -- '...yeah, but s/he was only doing their job.'

Or, another popular variation of rationalizing belittling LEO's; hero* as in -- '...yeah, but listen to this one time I had a bad interaction with a police officer, and because I can't admit that I was in the wrong, or reacted poorly to the situation and made things worse for myself, so I'm pretty sure they're all dicks, and if you think otherwise, you're a dick. So I won't give anyone with a badge any amount of respect, I will always think the worst about them, and I will never admit that what s/he did was actually heroic.'

If you're not that guy, you know that guy. We all do. So ubiquitous is the Madonna/Whore-esque Military Hero's/Coppers Zero's complex in our society that I can't believe that it's taken until now for someone to name it. 'Military Hero's/Coppers Zero's; is the legal intellectual property of BBG, BBGWorld, BBG HQ, et al and requires prior BBG approval for rebroadcast. It's something I never understand. As I'm not a moron, of course I comprehend that, military folks are off enforcing rules, generally, outside of our borders, so the average American doesn't come in contact with them when military personnel is telling them they can't do something, or are gettin' ready to get lock 'em up for doin' wrong as part of their mission. On the other hand, it doesn't take a MENSA member to extrapolate that your city five-O is performing some of the exact same missions on a local level. Curiously, what we respect and adore our military professionals for, we denigrate and ridicule our LEO's over. That's the part that is such a conundrum for me.

I'm not real sure what it says about someone who would ostensibly believe that it's a noble calling to serve ones country by enforcing order, upholding our way of life and providing for our security on a global level (and be available domestically when hinkey shit goes down), but not so when ones calling brings them to a badge and service their neighbors on a local level?

I find that kind of thinking extra fucked up weird given the fact that there's a good enough chance that the Police Officer you just referred to as a 'lazy pig' is fairly likely to be a vet/active MOS. Not exactly a little known phenomena. (But if this comes as a surprise to you, you should know that, for instance in '11 the Topeka PD reported that about 60% of their incoming academy class had military experience) So now it's time to admit that subscribing to the Military Hero's/Coppers Zero's mindset 1) is non-sensicle and disjointed thinking at best, and that practicing it B) means that you refuse to acknowledge not only the similarities of their professions and duties, but that you're purrrrfectly comfortable being the person who would degrade a person while in one uniform (lets say, LEO garb), but you would pay for their beer in another (fatigues). Which by pretty much anyones measure smacks of douchebaggery.

After this past week, seeing in large part, local law enforcement (in conjunction with State-ies & Feds) handlin' their 'bidness like a boss they did, I don't know how anyone could look at their local forces with any less respect than they would afford the American Badasses who work at the local military base. But they will. And I hope you will call their asses out.

I have written a few things in honor of the boys (& girls) who's blood runs blue. (In fact, I have a BBG favorite 5 and  'May St Michael Watch Over 'Em'  [click link] is definitely one of them.) Usually, such musings coincide with National Police Week (the week of May 15th) but after seeing sights like this:

Now seem like a perfect time to point out that while there's no doubt Boston, Newton, Watertown, etc., PD's are nothing short of professional law enforcement badasses who deserve, and should be heralded for their heroics and hide-y and seek-y victory over a dangerous criminal who presented them with unusual and devastating circumstances... And I'd bet they'd be some of the first people to say That there's not a department dotted across this country that hasn't trained and prepared itself for worst case scenario situations. God forbid one should ever pop up in your town, but if it does, there is no question that your local law enforcement professionals will put in the same efforts to ensure your safety. Just because they haven't had to yet is a sorry ass excuse for treating them like shit in the meantime, wouldn't you agree? If it almost seems like you own them something, it's because you do...

I'm not asking that you greet each day with a nod to Mr. Sunshine and a round of applause for the police officer in the coffee line with ya. But maybe ya decide that today is the day you stop badmouthing them? Maybe today you start to show people with a badge a lil' respect, or a kindness like a full five fingered wave? Maybe today you start to act like you understand that the only difference between this guy:

and this guy:
Is 5 minutes.
...And that the difference between this guy:

And any of these guys
 is often nothing more than who's signing their paycheck.
Of course the military men and women who serve our nation deserve our gratitude. But so do the men and women who serve our neighborhoods.

Closing Note:    Since Friday night when MIT Officer Sean Collier was murdered on duty two more law enforcement officers have lost their lives in service to their communities, bringing this year's sad total (to date) to 38.  (32 members of the military have been KIA during the same time frame.)  In 2012, another 120 law enforcement officers died in the line.

"There are three kinds of people in the world. There are wolves and there are sheep.
And then there are those who protect the
sheep from the wolves."
                                                                                              --Christopher Shields

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

~Bee In My Bonnet Du Jour

<a href=';rel=msn&amp;from=en-us_msnhp&amp;form=MSNRLL>1=42010&amp;src=v5:embed::' target='_new' title='The World's Nicest Cop'>Video: The World's Nicest Cop</a>

So, I think we allllll know my feelings on the Po-po.  If'n ya don't, you may wanna check May St. Michael Watch Over 'Em (May/2010)  (<--Oooooh, look who just figured out how to link!! 'Tis a banner day in 'da World, kids.  A banner day, indamndeed.) 

I spied this on MSN this morning under the headline "America's Nicest Police Officer.." and once I watched it, it immediately set me off a bit.  Now, of course you find yourself wondering why, oh why would a video of the "nicest Police Officer" tick me off?  How could I possibly construe that as less than a good thing? 

Well, it's like my doctors.  My GP (general practitioner) is super sweet.  I totally dig him.  For some unknown reason, he now hugs me when I infrequently see him.  I don't really know how, why or when that started.  And yes, even I think it's a bit weird, although, I'm in no way heebed and jeebed out by it.  I know he doesn't hug all of his patients, so clearly, it's a sign that he's got a soft spot for the ol' BBG.  I know he doesn't talk to all of his patients like he talks to me.  On the flip side, you can bet your sweet ass I don't talk to him like all of his boring, complaining, demanding patients do either. 

However, several of my specialists (allergist, kidney doc, etc.) are dicks standoffish, kurt, zero personality sorts, as specialists are prone to be.  It just is.  I donno why, but a lack of personality seems part and parcel of those who specialize.  Do I "like" these guys?  No, not really.  But because they're really good at what they do, mainly keepin' my ass alive, I put that aside.  I look to them for their specific expertise, knowledge base and ability to do their job and keep me alive, not for their friendly nature.  It comes down to what I want and like vs. what I need and what's good for me. 

For me, it's the same thing with the Po-po.  Sure, just like everyone, I like when LEO's are nice, and frankly, in my experience, I find they usually are.  But, if bein' terse comes along with getting the job of keepin' me (and them) safe?  Done. I'm fine with that too. 

I'm not trying to Monday morning quarterback Officer Friendly.  He's a highly trained professional who I'm sure is fully up on the rules, regs and practices of his jurisdiction, and is making his best decisions in the moment.  However, as I watched the video, I thought ol' Jeremy gives me a hinky vibe. 

Videoing "for my [his] protection" raises a red flag with me.  Yes, of course this is America and you have the right to record your interaction, however, personally, I feel that his wanting to do so speaks to his (Jeremy's) feeling about law enforcement and is, again, what I feel, is a demonstrative display of a negative connotation, which is the red flag for me.  John Q. Public who doesn't have an ax to grind with the authorities doesn't think, 'I'd better get this all on tape, in case I need evidence to prove me right and prove him wrong', or as some kinda propaganda for his (whatthefuckever) agenda, isn't grabbin' his camera/phone as soon as Johnny Law is lookin' his way, ya know?

Then Jeremy won't provide his full name to the Officer.  (red flag to me)  And claims he's not carrying ID, which I straight out call bullshit.  Again, to me, red flag.  

Officer Friendly was nice, professional and personable with Jeremy, and again, I'm sure followed code in his 'hood.  But me?  (And who knows what happened after the video stops.)  I'd want some hard ass questioning Jeremy to determine why he's brandishing, and ensuring that he's licensed to do so, and isn't some nut job who's gonna draw down and open up on someone because he's agitated as soon as he's just a speck in the LEO's rear view mirror.  

I find it interesting that having watched that clip, that whoever titles things and decides to highlight them on MSN was (seemingly) struck first and foremost by the Officer being "nice", (which if I were a betting BBG would guess an awful lot of people think likewise.  Yeah, I'm doublin' down.)  instead of following the situation to it's next step, which is public safety.  Personally, I'd rather have Officer Dick pressing this guy to get to what's what.  If that takes anything less than violating his human, civil and constitutional rights, including outright rudeness, guess what?  I'm fine with that too.  And serious biz, when you think about it from that perspective, instead of, giving a shit being invested in whether he's nice or not, isn't that what you want too?  Isn't that what you actually need?

Again, I'm not trying to hind sight - 20/20 Officer Friendly's actions or demeanor.  I'm simply pointing out that people like to bitch and complain about the Po-po.  And there are news stories that give good cause to, from time to time.  (<-- And I wanna be very clear here, "from time to time" doesn't mean ALL law enforcement ALL of the time.  Those are the exceptions NOT the rule of the Po-po people.  Again, I refer you to the past post linked above.)  But expecting them (LEO's) to be "nice" is not what keeps the public (or them) safe.  I'll take a straight up fuckin' asshole who keeps me and mine safe (and goes home to their family at the end of tour) everyday.   

The Po-po has enough pressure placed on it.  For good reason.  They're charged with upholding our (city, state, nations) laws, keeping mine and yours safe and coming to help us when something craptastic happens.

And yes, we expect them "to be better than us" because of the responsibilities we entrust them with.  Although, why we decide everyone in X profession is held to a higher standard just because they're drawn to X profession, completed the required training and have sworn some kinda oath-y words (doctors, military, leo's, nurses, etc.) inherently gives them the magic bean ability to be perfect about every thing, at every moment and not actual mere human beings, fallible, fuckupable, human beings, is a concept that kinda eludes me.  But I've said it before, and I'm fully confident that I'll have t say it again;  I am weird. 

Maybe, juuuuuuust maybe we need to adjust our collective expectations when it comes to having and wanting "nice" as being of some paramount priority we expect outta our peace officers?  

So now you know what's buggin' a BBG today.  

(hop)...I'm off. 

And I'm out.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

~Ugh. I Can't Believe This Day Has Come...

For those of you unfamiliar with my stance on firemen and the fire service, I will direct you to a lil' posting called Fuckin' Firemen  (which is the long version = find under label: Po-Po Love or July '10 archive.  I'll be riiiiight here when you come back...).  However, I'm bettin' if you'll do a wee bit of reading between the lines you'll probably be able to guess my feelings by the title itself = short version.

For those of you already in the know, or intellectually gifted, nay, superior enough to already be of the right same mindset, you know that sharing what I am about to announce is, as V.P. Joe Biden would say, a big fucking deal; 

I, BBG, being of sound mind and body,
do hereby declare that I will resist my natural urge to stick my tongue out or say snarky things about firemen (fire service) for the period of one excruciating full week.
(I will then immediately resume regular BBG SOP.)

No.  I have not recently experienced a significant head trauma. 

It is in appreciation for (code name) Fireman* disposing of the bug carcass, and apparently cleaning my shoe resulting from the other days very unfortunate events (Traumatic Ta-Doin's: Dusk Till Dawn (click).   ...And now you know exactly how freaked the fuck out and disturbed I really was by the creepy ass bug incident of '11.

(Other than the rare button down or polo,
this is the 1st time I have ever seen Fireman
not sporting a fire logo shirt of one sort or the other. 
In 7 years.  1st.  Time.  Ever.)

Also in appreciation for doing the right thing and highlighting his Semper Fi-ness, rather than his other poor career choices.  Oh.  This is gonna be harder than I anticipated...

* I know this is the least creative code name ever.  My apologies. 


Friday, July 1, 2011

~Dear Dumbass Driver

Dear Dumbass Driver,
In case you were unaware, and clearly you are, the side mirror included standard on your vehicle is there for a reason.  A safety reason, and not as you seem to believe, to function as a foot rest.

(Spied on my way to pick up Nana for the weekend)

Driving is somewhat akin to being at an amusement park, the best practice is to leave your fuckin' limbs inside the vehicle at all times.  Personally, I don't make it a habit to even put my arm outta the car whilst driving as it seems like a pretty good fuckin' way to loose my arm, if lets say the driver approaching me suddenly has an MI and sideswipes my ride. 

Sure, you think I'm overly cautious, but look at me typing with both hands.  A lot of shit that is "unlikely" happens.  Melting nuclear reactors are "unlikely" to happen, but I'm guessin' anyone near Fukushima cookin' from the inside out affected by the nuclear plant wishes safety had been more at the forefront before things went hinky.  It only takes a moment for things to go haywire.  Due to some crazy ass amazing math (thanks Motorcop ) I have an inkling of how quickly things can happen at highway speeds.  And while I can't really explain that (see why I gave you the link?), it looks like faster than I suspect you have the ability to bring that damn left leg of yours back into the relative safety of your vehicle.   

In addition to the danger factor to your appendages, you may notice that your big ass tennis shoe'd up foot obscures your view from the mirror.  ...Although, I'm guessin' if you don't give a rats ass about keepin' that leg all the rest of your life, you're probably not the sort concerning yourself with big picture bullshit like seein' traffic behind/beside you as ya motor on your way.  Fuck 'em, am I right?...

Just so you know I am not the only one who has a problem with your modified driving technique.  According to a lil' ditty known as the Ohio Revised Code (4513.23) which states that your dumbass muther fuckin' foot blocking half of your mirror is not only stupid but against the law.  ...And as you may know 'round these parts, Troop don't play.

(The actual code for the 1 person who gives a rats reads:  (A) Every motor vehicle, motorcycle, and trackless trolley shall be equipped with a mirror so located as to reflect to the operator a view of the highway to the rear of such vehicle, motorcycle, or trackless trolley. Operators of vehicles, motorcycles, streetcars, and trackless trolleys shall have a clear and unobstructed view to the front and to both sides of their vehicles, motorcycles, streetcars, or trackless trolleys and shall have a clear view to the rear of their vehicles, motorcycles, streetcars, or trackless trolleys by mirror.)

Question:  Do you really think Troop who A) who has to wear this hat all shift and II) is regimented enough to, ya know, be a Troop is gonna think your footloose and fancy free drivin' style is funny while being tasked with enforcing the highway laws?
Answer:  No.  Enjoy that fine hoss!

Lastly, while you driving skillz lead me to believe you're a bloomin' idiot, you should know that it also makes me think you're driving the highways and byways whackin' off.  Yep, that's right, in addition to thinking your a bad driver I think you're a public chicken choker, so congratulations dumbass you've also got that goin' for ya.  'Tis a banner day indeed.


P.S.  When I inevitably see the headline, "Dumbass Looses Leg In Crash", I'll know it's you.  And I will be laughing my ass off. 

Dear God,
It's me, BBG.  I'm sorry I'm such an ass. 


Monday, May 16, 2011

~May St. Michael Watch Over 'Em Harder

It's a gray ass, drizzle-y day at BBGHQ.  It feels like an incredibly appropriate setting for the beginning of Police Memorial Week.  I thought about writing something new about my feelings on the week and the folks who strap up, but find myself of the ilk that May St. Michael Watch Over 'Em (May, 2010)  ( sums it up best.
The troubling update from the past 12 months is the tragic surge in "Police fatalities" of 37% over the prior year ('09).  The headlines make the reality seem so, I donno?  Distant?  Sterile?  Detached?  I donno, maybe I'm over sensitive about the subject?   But from my personal experience and vantage point, can ya be too sensitive about the 160 regular, and yet stellar Sam Browne wearin' professionals who were taken from their loved ones and friends in service to their communities during 2010?   How can the other 69 Officers have died in the line so far this year, and their families not occupy space my mind, thoughts and prayers? 

While all of the deaths "strike home", it's been a particularly painful year (2011) here in Buckeyeland where we have already sadly lost six LEOs, including Deputy Suzanne Waughtel Hopper, of my hometown. 

I vowed to remember her name.  I generally recall the names of local officers who've paid the invoice of helping keeping me safe with their lives.  I feel it's the least I can do, to remember their name and sacrifice.

Once again I find myself thinking of the families.  The mom's and dads, siblings, spouses, and where maybe where I still identify the most, the kids who are having this week without a parent. 

...And hoping that St. Michael, the patron saint of Po-po, is more diligent in his duties this year. 


Thursday, February 17, 2011

~I'm Sorry? Who's An Idiot?!?

Behold the hub and bub our Governor has brought on himself:

Needless to say,  as the daughter of two officers, and the girl of my very own badge carryin' Double D, I didn't take too kindly to Governor Kasich's comments. 

Now before I got all judge-y,  I took a peek at the dash cam video of the CPD stop of Governor Kasich:

As you can see, the white car in the #3 lane (the lane closest to the right berm) does appear to have ample opportunity and spacing of lane #2 traffic to have yielded (or slowed, which you also don't see him hit his breaks), as required by Ohio law when coming upon a safety vehicle (po-po, fire, tow truck, etc.) pulled to the side in service. 
I love Governor Kasich's excuse of, 'I didn't see him'.  Let's see...lying (or being recklessly unaware of your surroundings while operating a motor vehicle and/or the law) and calling out a Police Officer who puts his life on the line each shift as an "idiot" for, ya know, upholding the laws of our state.  Excellent week Mr. Kasich.  Your parents must be proud.
And I am left to award you the Dick O' The Day.  Congratulations.

A friend, and better person than I am, crafted this, what I found to be superb letter.  She's an author, so notice how she skillfully manages to not use the word, "dick" as she lets her feelings be known;

Dear Mr. Kasich,
I'm having a hard time writing this letter because I was raised to not say anything at all if I can't say anything nice. My blood is boiling but I'll try to be professional about this--even though you don't exercise the same restraint.

I'm sickened by your attitude toward police officers. An attitude I'm sure you put aside when you have to call 911 and actually need them for something. Or want an endorsement from the FOP.

People (and this includes you, Mr. Kasich) want a society ruled by laws, yet when those laws must be enforced, you get angry. I don't get it. Doesn't being governor mean you are part of the judicial system? And yet you denegrate the very system you were elected to uphold.

The police officer was doing his job. You were not following the law. Sounds cut and dried to me. Follow the law, Mr. Kasich, and stuff like this won't happen. That's what I tell my kids. If you just follow the rules, life is easier. I guess you haven't grown up enough to realize that yet. Or maybe you have but find yourself above the law?

Remember Deputy Sheriff Suzanne Hopper and the dozens of other officers who walked into the line of fire this year alone and paid the ultimate price to keep people like you safe. What a slap in the face to their memory.

I hear you are going to apologize. You're three years too late, Mr. Kasich. It means nothing--the damage has been done. If I were that officer, I wouldn't accept your apology but he probably will because he's a better person than me. And a much better person than you.

I am a life-long Republican and I voted for you. I won't be making that mistake again. Fool me once, Mr. Kasich.

Sharon Cullen
wife of a Police Officer

Because I like to balance out the yin and yang, my absolute kudos to some young cat called, Davante' Goins (who, although I loathe his name, that's my bone to pick with his parents).  Young Mr. Goins is a local 15 year old on a mission that I whole heartidly endorse.  God bless him, his spirit and his commitment to our service men and women.   Check him out:

If you too find yourself moved by this teen patriot, his website is:
Davante' Goins, Gold Star!  Unlike our Governor, you are an Ohioan that makes me proud.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

~Shoot Anybody You Have To

...Those are the exact words Double D hears each time he leaves with kevlar velcro'd to his chest and a duty belt 'round his waist.

I just like to plant that extra seed in his mind that if he even thinks for a split second he should shoot someone, that he should trust his instincts and pull the damn trigger. I know he's highly trained with almost two decades of experience, and is in charge of himself, and doesn't need my help performing his duties.  But one more reinforcement that the main responsibility of his day/night is to come home to me can't hurt. If someone threatens that I want them dead layin' on a morgue table. Period.

To those who never actually have to really wonder if someone they love will live through their work day, it might sound odd, or harsh to say that if somebody else has to die, then they gotta die. But for those who live the life, it's the every day uneasy norm.

These days, sadly, there are far too many LE loved ones dealing with their officer not making it home at the end of their tour.

In a 24 hour period ending Monday, two LEO's were killed with another 9 others wounded in various situations across the nation.   14 LEO's have been killed the first 25 days of this year.
I've said it before, (May St. Michael Watch Over 'Em/May 2010

May St. Michael watch over 'em.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

~Day One: Heavy Heart

'11 is off to a bad start 'round these parts. A Deputy from my hometown was killed on duty New Years Day.

I didn't know her, although I've had a few friends who still live back home report that she was a smart, funny and sweet girl. She was a mom who leaves behind two little kids. She was sister, a daughter and wife.

She was, from all reports, exactly the kind of officer you want in your community, apparently pulling a six year stretch of not missing a day of work. Her Sheriff, (someone who I wouldn't call a friend, but is someone who's known me my entire life [and was one of my first 11 year old Lil' Brown Girl crushes] who I run into from time to time when I find myself in my ol' stomping grounds,) said in an interview that “Her file is full of cards and letters and commendations.” And that she organized a number of charity events on behalf of the sheriff’s office. She had also been awarded Officer of the Year during her 12 years on.

She left her family to earn her roof over her head, the food in her kids bellies to service her community by helping to keep them safe and responding to their needs during her shift.

She responded to a shots fired call. At some point stopping to take a photo of a foot print when shooter opens a door, and before she could unholster, pulled a trigger.

Just a mom doing her job.

But on her job a bad day is a dead day. While any other day might be a irritating day, or a craptastic day. Even a painful or tragic one, it's an alive day. Both for the officer and their loved ones.

Her family is on my mind and in my prayers. I know how the, as I've called it, "the uneasy norm", even alive days can be for loved ones, being the kid of two officers and now the love of one. That ain't easy. Or for the weak. But the strength needed to weather the other kind of day, which I can, fortunately, not begin to fully fathom, has made my heart heavy. I'm keeping a thought and prayer for the Sheriff and the other LEO's from my hometown responding agencies. As well as another officer winged during the subsequent shootout. And of course their families.

I find myself thinking about the kids of parents who will head off to their shift today or tonight knowing that, maybe even, someone they know went to work yesterday and is never coming home to her little ones. How scary that must be for the local officers kids.

I didn't know her. But I'll always remember her, her sacrifice and her family.

Her name was Suzanne Waughtel Hopper.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

~Da Am...

There is just sumthin' about the sight of my man in a duty belt and kevlar.


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

~Fuckin' Firemen



They are awful. I don't even like to call them firemen. I mean, really, how often do they find themselves fighting a fire vs. noodlin' around doing other stuff (accident run, false alarms, neatly folding hose, kitten in a tree, watching old Emergency reruns, goin' to the grocery)? Perhaps they should be called, uniformed cooks, official accident responders, or professional truck shiners? I donno, but fireman seems somewhat misleading and disingenuous to me.

And what kind of grown up, professional job actually allows you to have another full time job on the "side"? I mean, really now.

In all fairness and in the name of full disclosure, I have an admitted bias against the engine and ladder set. Why? Because everyone just fuckin' looooooooves a fireman, but you know who loves the po-po? That's right noooooobody. And guess who's parents were the po-po? So I'm already pissy at 'em from go. It's entwined in the helix of my DNA for heavens sakes. I can fight it no more than I can fight breathing.

I can not help it. When I see their big red rigs it's like a red cloth being waved in front of an irritable bull. The occasion to have one near me in person is just asking for a tussle. Again, I can't help myself, they bring it on themselves. Apparently, they seemingly own no clothes not bearing a FD logo. I guess I just figure, if you're gonna bait and taunt me with your stupid 'look at me - look at me/love me - love me' logo t-shirt then I'm left with no choice but to alert you to my disdain of you, ya know?

Sometimes it starts with a tongue being stuck out, as it did a couple of years ago on vacation at Cod (Cape for the uninitiated). My guy at the time and I were out at dinner with another couple and had the colossal misfortune of being seated next to a table of firemen. How'd I know? Because of course everyone of those fuckers had some blue t, sportin' some and the other fire logo. Assholes. Name any other job where folks wear their profession on their clothes during their off hours, always? ...See. You are already starting to come around to my way of thinkin'. Those guys are a lil' touched in the head. It's like they're not allowed to wear just some regular, unadorned shirt.

Anyhoo, one of those guys gets up heading to the men's room and by reflex I stick my tongue out at him. That's all. Nuthin' more. He walks on. My guy and the other guy in the mix inform me that I need to "be good" because there are seven of those fire eaters and just 2 of them, and under no circumstances will they be able to take the fire group if it comes to fisticuffs. I assure them that there will be no trouble. They continue to stew and look chicken shit. A bit later the eldest member of the fire table stops by our table, says hello, introduces himself as the Bat Chief of the local brigade, and asked how the guy who I stuck my tongue out to bothered me. My response was "with his mere existence". And then uttered the words, my folks were Officers. All the while all inhabitants of my table looking very, very worried, at which point Bat Chief laughs, shakes my hand and hangs out and jibber jabbers for a while.

Our table continues on with our meal, the guys looking particularly relieved that they will not be the victims of an overwhelmingly outmatched beat down. And then it starts. Each and every fireman who went to the men's room, or wherever during the course of our time there made a pit stop at our table and said "I'm sorry", apparently Bat Chief instructed them to apologize to me for being firemen. Frankly, it was awesome!! Like getting a little comeuppance for the inequity of their general public perception. Even they know it deep down! It ain't right. Score a little moment of justice for the good guys (the police, of course).

In addition to the irritating custom of wearing their job literally on their sleeves (chests, backs, whatthefuckever), they have a propensity for actually tatting their logos on their bodies. Again, really, hoss? I have dated four firemen, much to, particularly my father's dismay, and 3 of 'em had a fire tat. Now, I've dated a couple of IT guys, they seem to manage to live life without a computery Windows or Apple tat. Attorney guy had no lady justice etched on his epidermis. I don't know one officer who felt the need to tat a badge on his body. Fire guys are weird.

Ok, now I feel the need to defend myself. For the record, I have never sought out a fireman. Ever. I know, I know, most girls would knock their grandma down to get to a fireman, but I see it as something one overlooks, not seeks. It's a trait I put in the 'con' colum. I've tried my best to shoo them away from go by letting my feelings be known up front. But, I had some valid reasons for going into my la-la land of don't ask/don't tell about that and letting them in. One was a Marine who'd served in the Desert Storm. Marine good. So I just chose not to think of him as a fireman, but as the much more palatable Marine, who wasn't available every 48 hours. My last beau had been hurt on the job and had to medically retire out, so I liked to consider him as what his second career is and not a fireman, but you know...once a fireman... If you think I'm talkin' trash behind their backs, wrong. I've said way worse in front of their faces. ...And yet, they keep finding me. And keep stickin' around. Why? As the owl would say;

The world may never know...

Before you think that I'm an out and out bitch, (which you may already think from reading other entries, or by knowing me in real life, but either way, you're the one who's here, and so I'm left with only one thought: suck it.) I only hate firemen (and women, my feelings are all people fire included) 49%. I would never stand for any ol' Tom, Dick or Harry badmouthing them. Think of it as how you can talk about your sister, but if someone else talks about her there's gonna be trouble, type stuff. The fire service is kind like the slower, "special", less cool, kid brother of the police. I feel with my other 51% that these are stand up, well trained cats who see some horrible things and put their lives on the line to come screechin' up ready to run in and TCB when your good judgement has you running the hell outta there-- and that I respect.

And they do have a few good qualities. (Wait. What is that bad feeling I just had when I typed those words? Is this what an aneurysm feels like?!?) For instance, those crazy velcro pants. As much as I mock when fireman Marine shows up wearin' them, (think along the lines of "awwwww...your employer doesn't think you guys are smart enough to master a button") those suckers are kinda cool. And as much as I would never ever ever admit it to him, that turnout gear and when he smells a bit like ode du smoke, is strangely appealing. Plus, I know the difference between the engine and ladder. (overly simply, engine guys extinguish, ladder guys ventilate) And I know terms like "unit day". So there's that.

The only really awesome thing about fireguys that I like is Rescue Me. Wicked awesome show. The new season started last night. I have it DVR'd and can't wait to see it. I say it's one of the best shows on tv. There is plenty of hoosafudge (nonsense, non reality based stuff/story lines), but there is a lot of reality to it too, specifically in terms of the ball breakin' and got your back business between the characters. I highly recommend it.

...Now let's just keep that our lil' secret. If fireman Marine finds out I'll never hear the end of it. The last words I spoke to him were, "you look cute...well, except for that shirt." I gotta keep my 49% rep in tact.

Everyone loves Raymond. And firefighters. Except for me. I hate 'em both. (sticks tongue out)

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